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    Blackbutler's battle of the beast

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    30th September 2015 - 10th October 2017

    Hey Guys! I hope the training is going great!

    *Inhale* *Exhale* ahh! its good to be back doing this again!

    Last year I managed to accomplish many things since coming back: accomplish the Spartan Super and Sprint, Accomplish a Muscle Up (well a jumped up from wall lol), Handstand Push Up and No Leg Rope Climb and also started crossfit. All is going great.

    Now for my ultimate challenge to date, I am training for the Spartan BEAST in September (20km Race with 30+ Obstacles) which I am excited and terrified at the same time.

    Any way I will be doing either a weekly or monthly update on this training keep you updated on what I'm doing. For the training itself check out my profile page to see my daily routine

    Hope you enjoy this exciting experience with me. Oh! Almost forgot I'm not only doing the Spartan Beast I am also (as a birthday present) doing the Rat Race Survival of the Fittest London in July which will be great fun!

    Added Text: As all my goals for 2017 have been accomplished, I am now adding new goals for 2018 and here they are

    Goals for 2018

    [ ] Do a Muscle Up
    [ ] Accomplish 50 Double Unders Unbroken
    [ ] Handstand Walk 5ft
    [ ] Handstand for 10 seconds
    [ ] Hit 120kg on Front Squat
    [ ] Get 100kg Power Clean
    [ ] Get 175kg Deadlift
    [ ] Complete Betteshanger Survival 2
    [ ] Complete the Commando Series Gold
    [ ] Run 1 Mile under 6 minutes NEW!

    [/] Accomplish 25 Double Unders Unbroken
    [/] Accomplish 10 Double Unders Unbroken
    [/] Complete the MY/PT: SAS Punishment
    [/] Get 150kg Deadlift
    [/] Hit 100kg on Front Squat
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    Welcome back, BlackButler! Keep on rocking!


      However! I had a Blood donation yesterday so I need to take it easy for the day today which sucks (get it ) anyway there won't be an entry of Man Makers or Bucket carries this weekend I don't want to burst a vessel lol!


        Hey guys! Hope the training is going great!

        Sorry I haven't written in a while been hella busy! But here is a catch up of what has happened in toward my training for the Spartan Beast!

        On July the 8th I ran the Rat Race Men's Health Survival of the Fittest 10K Obstacle Race at Wembley Stadium in London, I was super chuffed with my time of 1:10:46. But afterwards I buggered up my IT Band and had no run in 2 weeks.

        I am now healed up and in my second week of Marathon training and all is going well.

        have also stopped doing morning workouts as this was really tiring me out on top of crossfit training so I am currently doing Crossfit Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Doing loads of Hero Workouts which are improving my endurance and strength.
        So hopefully as it is only 8 weeks to go till the race I should be fit enough to tackle it


          Hey! It's great to see you, thanks for stopping by. Best of luck with the race!


            Welcome back, BlackButler

            The Spartan BEAST sounds so intimidating, I think I'd just hide from it. So, good on you for not doing that

            Also, I. Love. Data. So, this is a great training log to follow

            Good luck


              Hey Guys! I hope the training is going well!

              I will be shortly updating the past 2 weeks of my training onto this blog so keep your eyes open.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	giphy.gif Views:	1 Size:	394.1 KB ID:	391587

              I will be abbreviating a lot f items so here is a list below of what I mean:

              WOD: Workout of the Day
              AMRAP: As Many Reps as Possible
              EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute
              RM: Rep Max
              OH: Overhead
              OHS: Overhead Squat
              GTOH: Ground to Overhead
              KB: Kettlebell


                Monday 31st July 2017

                40 Min Run - 6.4km

                2 Rounds: 10 Wall Balls / 10 Med Ball Cleans / 30 Second Bar Hang

                1 RM Clean & Jerk: 70kg Personal Best!

                12-9-7: Front Squats (50kg) / Chest to Bar Pull Up (Kipping)
                Result: 3:20
                Me After:


                  Tuesday 1st August 2017


                  35 Min Recovery Run - 4.6km


                  800m Row + 3 Rounds:
                  2 Lengths KB OH Walk (alternate arm) / 10 PVC Overhead Squats / 45 Second KB Squat

                  3 RM Overhead Squat: 60kg Personal Best!

                  Assault Bike Challenge
                  10s Hard - 50s Easy
                  20s Hard - 40s Easy
                  30s Hard - 30s Easy
                  40s Hard - 20s Easy
                  50s Hard - 10s Easy
                  60s Hard - Rest
                  Result: 78 Calories / 2.1 Miles
                  Me After:


                    Wednesday 2nd August 2017


                    1km Row / 20 Wall Balls / 20 Kips / 10 Squat Cleans (Empty Bar)

                    Clean Pulls: 110% 1RM 5 Rounds x 3 Reps (75kg)
                    Power Clean: 5 Rounds x 3 Reps (50kg)

                    WOD "14.4"
                    14min AMRAP
                    60 Cal Row
                    50 Toe to Bar (Knee to Chest)
                    40 Wall Balls
                    30 Cleans 42.5kg
                    20 Muscle Ups (on Box)

                    Result: 195 Reps (5 reps away from completion)
                    Me After:


                      Thursday 3rd August 2017


                      35 Min Challenge Run
                      Previous Week: 5.85km
                      This Week: 6.31km (+0.46)

                      Me After:


                        Friday 4th August 2017


                        20 min Walk


                        3 Min Row + 2 Rounds:
                        10 Scap Push Ups + 5 Push Ups / 5 Box Jumps 20"

                        Deadlift Warm Up

                        HERO WOD "McGHEE"
                        30 min AMRAP
                        5 Deadlifts 90kg
                        13 Push Ups
                        9 Box Jumps 24"

                        Result: 18 Rounds + 2 Reps
                        Me After:


                          Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th August 2017

                          Sat - Running

                          80 minute Run

                          Sun- Upperbody Workout
                          Handstand Push Up Progression


                            Monday 7th August 2017


                            40 Min Run - 6.25km


                            3 min Skip + 3 Rounds:
                            10 Push Press (Empty Bar) / 10 Planch Push Up / 10 Air Squats

                            Snatch Push Press:
                            2 Rounds x 10 Rep Warm Up
                            5 Rounds x 5 Reps Heavey as Possible: 50kg Personal Best!
                            Snatch Balance 1 RM: 55kg Personal Best!

                            Hero WOD "CINDY"
                            20 minute AMRAP
                            5 Pull Ups
                            10 Push Ups
                            15 Air Squats

                            Result: 17 Rounds + 17 Reps
                            Me After:


                              Tuesday 8th August 2017


                              40 Min Recovery Run - Alternated to Row (Due to Terrible Weather) - 7.62km


                              3 min Row / Ankle KB Stretch / 15 Wall Balls

                              Squat Clean Warm Up: 70kg Personal Best! (got confused to went to 1RM)
                              3 Position Squat Clean Complex:
                              1. High Hang / 2. Below Knee / 3. From Floor
                              50kg Personal Best!

                              Pyramid Challenge

                              Toes to Bar: 1 - 10
                              Squat Clean 40kg: 10 - 1

                              Result: 14:25
                              Me After: