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    Originally posted by Trbrat75 View Post
    Sunday:I almost didnt get my workout in today. Played Minecraft with my son, cooked food for a cookout(why is it when my husband gets a great idea to cookout for a friends bday I am the one that gets stuck with doing most of the preparing/baking/cooking/cleaning and all he does is grill the meat? UGH) But later in the evening I made myself get up and get my workout done, of course I walked my dogs a few times as well.
    Congrats on getting that workout done even if you wanted to skip it!

    Congratulations also on getting to 100 days!

    That story of your new coworker from Iraq was fantastic, thank you for sharing.



      10 - Day 5:
      I am surprised I was able to do thiswithout needing to shake my leg out. I was glad the switching sides gave me a brief break though lol. For some of the moves I am sure my leg was higher than it was supposed to be

      Xpress Tone - Day 5: To fatigue - 5 X 20 triceps extensions each arm, 80/80/80/80/60 alternating curls done with 8 lb weights. I'm glad the curls were not first this time as I didn't want to switch back and forth between weights.

      Easy Core - Day 7: 3 sets 10 side bends 4 twists

      Walked the puppers


        Thanks CODawn Fremen

        I'm glad you enjoyed the story basecamp , I found out that he is a programmer, but he quit because he wanted to go somewhere where he feels he can help people. So that is why he decided to go into corrections. He feels he has a purpose to serve. If he doesn't feel like he can make a difference here, than he will move on and find a different path. He says God has saved his life twice and he feels there must be a reason for that. Amazing.


          Thank you for sharing that wonderful story. I'm really glad he lives his life the way that fulfills him, I'm glad that the story impacted you, and it impacted me as I read it. Really puts your life into perspective.
          Also, congrats on more than 112+ days! (:


            What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing it.
            Cheers for 100 days and counting! Rock Star!



              Yoga with Tim - 2019 Challenge Day 1 - I NEED to get back into yoga, trying this just proved that even more. I am a bit worried that I need to start over with a beginner course or something as there was a few areas where I struggled a bit. I can't do elbow planks, I don't remember if I ever mentioned it here, but while on our little mini vaca, my husband dumped the bike with me on the back and my elbow took the brunt of the fall, it's been a month and I still can not lean, or put weight on it.(That sucks, but the fall was a blessing as that is how we found out that we had been leaking break fluid and had no back brakes, right before we were set to go on the Back of the Dragon. That could have gone very badly for us had we not had the incident!) Tims videos are a bit lengthy, I do want to get back into some daily yoga, but i may have to find some shorter videos

              I looked at 10(high knees and climbers? Planks and rotations? Not today), and I looked at Xpress(lunges and goblet squats oof)...I had to pass on those last night, but I considered it over and over(even after doing yoga). I just didnt have the energy, but I wanted to do something, so yoga for the win!

              Easy Core - Day 8: 40 side bends, done at once

              Walked my pups a couple times eesh..its getting hotter and hotter now! But we had a good storm last night right after my walk!


                Good co-worker story. Really makes you appreciate what we have here…sometimes I lose track of the benefits of our USA. That was a reason why I travelled a lot. When I came back into the country, it was like Eden compared to wherever I’d been.
                Yoga with Tim is a different kind of practice. He does do a lot of workshop type practices. He’s intently focused on alignment, so if you persevere through, it will really benefit your body. We’ve improved a TON using his 2019 challenge. 😃


                  You take some beautiful pictures! Thanks for that!

                  Congratulations on 100 days!

                  That story was inspirational; you're exactly right about how knowing someone personally changes how it hits you. Wow. Thank you for sharing it.



                    10 - Day 6 -
                    Tiring, but I know I needed it. Climbers were done s l o w, rotations were done with 1 knee on the ground

                    Easy Core - Day 9: 12 side bends, 4 twists x 3

                    Yoga With Tim - Day 2: Wow, intro to crow already! I neeed to stay with this...I have lost so much movement and strength. Some moves that were doable not long ago, I am having a hard time doing now. I need yoga blocks, or something I can use to sub. I also think if i use the blocks under my forearms for low planks and dolphin pose that it would make it more doable. Just as long as I keep the weight off the elbow.

                    I didnt have time for xpress tone after the yoga which is disappointing.

                    Thanks JCU and DorothyMH


                      Congrats on 100+ days, and what an amazing story!


                        Yoga with Tim: Day 3. Day 4, and Day 5

                        I was really hoping to do more over this long weekend but, didnt happen

                        Walked my puppers everyday


                          You got something in! Don't feel too bad!



                            Yoga with Tim 2019 challenge - Day 6

                            Easy Core - Day 10 -
                            50 side bends at once

                            10 - Day 7 - Especially rough after Yoga, my poor arms!

                            Walked before my workout...steamy whew! Walked after dinner, a big storm had come through and it was almost chilly out! aaaahhhhhhh


                              Hey, if you’re doing that 2019 Tim program, you are doing PULENTY!!
                              I had to give up my pm workouts except for his. They ARE work!



                                I was so tired, all I did was walk my dogs and took a nap