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    156 days

    A lot going on recently so only got in a good walk with the pooches today.

    My Mom and Step-Dad have Covid, although my step dad is/was asymptomatic and as of yesterday was released from quarantine. My Mom hasnt been faring so well, but thus far is not in the hospital. High fevers(as high as 105 at times) headaches, sinus pressure, diarrhea and really wiped out...but it comes and goes. She says at times she feels great and then a half hour later she feels like shes dying Yesterday she said she thinks it is affecting her lungs as she had a really hard time breathing in the shower and feels she came close to passing out.

    Mother in laws birthday was celebrations just a quicky gift giving( the Drs warn that COVID will kill her if she gets it, so no visitors or going out)

    A friend of my husbands died...we assume he overdosed, although his mother said he had a heart attack. He went to VA for a drug rehabilitation program and they turned him away because he had Meth in his sad.(We tried to help him get back on his feet not long ago, but he inadvertently almost cost me my job.)

    My oldest son will be leaving Hawaii to go to back to Korea in less than 2 months(he is in the Army), and because of issues between him and his dad I guess he has decided to stop talking to me as well...Its been about 2 1/2 years since i have seen him and my grandbabies and now I dont know when I will see them...

    I am fighting to keep moving forward and not give in to the temptation of saying f*ck it all...i dont care anymore.

    I will get back on my routine today


      Oh man, that is all so damn rough....donโ€™t fuck it all, though, cuz it *will* get better. Eventually. Hang in there, keep your *own* chin up, one day at a time. Sending hugs.๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ


        I'm really sorry you're having such a bad time, hard stuff all together


          Aug 18, 157 days

 - LVL III - 280 butt kicks and 560 marching steps...OMG. I barely was able to finish all 7 sets even with full 2 min rest

 - 5 min warm up(walk) 5 min run/1 min rec X 3 last 10 sec of each run was sprints - 5 min cool down(walk) - the butt kicks and marching steps definitely affected my runs

 - YWA Post run cool down - 7 mins

 - 35 sec knee push up hold

 - YWA Wind Relieving Pose


            Thank you Fremen and DorothyMH everyday presents a challenge, i just need to stay focused!


              Aug 19 day 158

              LVL II with 2 minute rest - on the very last sets of 3 (last 8 or so tap reps and hold) and 4(last 5 taps reps and hold)I had to drop to my knees to finish

     - LVL III with 30 sec rest

     - day 27 - 20 squats 20 calf raises X 2

     - day 17- 3 sets of 9 knee push ups with 30 sec rest

     - SarahBethYoga - Yoga for bloating - 12 mins

              Short walk to neighbors house

              drama, drama, drama...I am so sick of DRAMA


                Originally posted by Trbrat75 View Post
                [B]Aug 19 day 158

                drama, drama, drama...I am so sick of DRAMA [/I]
                Me too!! Calmness is better....


                  162 consecutive days - still going strong-ish!

         - Day 28 - 15 min run: first time running that long (not that thats long, let be honest) in months and i struggled, a lot. I think I did not hydrate enough again...I have got to be better about that
         - YWA post run stretch

                  Walk with pups: 17 mins
                  (i probably did yoga, but i dont remember )

                  Saturday #wetrainintherain
         - lvl III 30 sec rest
         - lvl III 30 sec rest
         - Day 29 - 6 min run 2 minute rest x 2 - only i did 6 min run, 2 minute rest and then 11 min run as I was going down hill and had a good momentum going. This days run felt much better than Thursdays. 34 mins 2.37 miles (with warm up and cool down walk) it rained the whole time i was out running, and that was OK...i looked like a drowned rat by the time i made it home, was so wet my fingers were pruney - but the run felt pretty good so I was stoked
                  Walk - 50 min 2.41 miles(back up hell hill), my walk back up the hill this time as compared to last time was significantly better
                  Evening walk with pups - 20 min

         - 18, 19

         - lvl III 30 sec rest
         - YWA - Yoga for sore muscles - OK, Seriously? Part of this video probably made me more sore from standing on one leg for so long ugh
                  Walk with pups - 22 mins
         - Day 20 - 40 sec hold - trying to work on getting a little lower throughout the hold


                    163 Days!

           - LVL III - 120 High Knees all at once

           - LVL III - 1 min rest (upper body). A couple sets done while i was walking because my workout got interrupted, but i didnt stop!

                    Short walk (1/4 mile-ish) (to neighbors, AKA "The Cave")
                    Another Short walk (1/4 mile-ish)

           - Day 30: 25 squats x 2, 20 calf raises x 3
           - Day 21: 10 knee push-ups x 3 - I could feel the difference today! I felt stronger and didnt struggle any until the last set

                    Yet another Short walk, but with crackheads...i mean pups (1/2 mile)


                      Your pups are crackheads?!๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜.
                      Howโ€™d *that* happen?!


                        DorothyMH YES ....CRACKHEADS... its funny they each have very different personalities and quirks. All but one rush the door on me when i take them out for a walk...Ive got Stubby, nose on the door, no way I'm getting out without him, he sees to that, Momma is quiet, but pushy at the door, Zahra Bounces around literally in circles and yipping her excitedness at going out, Beau...just a big ham head...he rushes the door...and my little Scrappy girl is the best, she waits in the hallway for all the others to go out and she will wait for me to tell her its ok. Once they get out I have 2 barkers who like to gang up on their Momma and wrestle...she doesnt like it. With 5 dogs its very noisy and chaotic for the first minute or 2(no leashes because i just go up and down my street which only has 3 houses on it, so no traffic). I really need to teach them manners with me. They dont do that with my husband.


                          Aug 25 - 164 days

                          Unfortunately due to family drama and feeling very tense (upset stomach and headache) I did not do much.

                          24 minute walk with dogs just to keep my streak going


                            Oh, some good news though...after 2 1/2 or so weeks, my Mom is finally over the Covid and has been released from quarantine!! She's excited but scared now...



                              I just read this and even though i already knew it to be true, this was a real eye opener for me. For anyone who feels like they could be emotionally abused this is a good read.

                              Eventually, victims will pull back from friendships and isolate themselves, convinced that no one likes them. What's more, emotional abuse can cause a number of health problems including everything from depression and anxiety to stomach ulcers, heart palpitations, eating disorders, and insomnia.

                              If you have been in an emotionally abusive relationship for any amount of time, you may believe that there is something severely wrong with you. But you are not the problem. To abuse is to make a choice. So stop blaming yourself for something you have no control over.


                                Wow, you are full of news and info today! Take good care and love those doggos to pieces!