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    Monday 5/14 - Strength Training

    I did a very unstructured, just random whatever I could think to do strength/cardio set. It consisted of various walking stretches(leg raises and twists and such), jumping squats, marching steps, high knees, karaoke's, punches, arm circles, high skips, walking lunges, lunge twists, very short jump rope session before my very weathered jump rope broke, even did some hop scotch and calf raises...had a few kicks in focus was mainly my legs to try and get them prepared for Rugged Maniacs warped wall, as I failed to make it up it last year, my goal is to beat that wall this year!


      Tuesday 5/14 - Running

      C25K Week 8 Day 1:
      Last week of my program. Todays run was 5 min w/u 28 min run(jog) and 5 min cool down. I did the first 20 minutes at a 4.3 pace, 5 min at 4.0, I tried to do a 3 minute push at 5.0 but could only last 2 minutes, so the last minute was done at 4.5. Done on the hill program. I feel pretty good about it, my stomach was a little upset today(thanks to a loaded nacho day at work) so the run was a bit tougher for me, but I still feel good about my performance overall. With warm up and cool down I had 3 miles in(according to my fitbit) in about 40 minutes


        Weds 5/16 - Active rest

        200 punches = 50 squats - done at work
        200 marching steps, 9 sets of 10/30 sprints
        (I could've done with a shorter recovery time, but I had no idea what it was set on and it was a spur of the moment thing), walked up and down my road with the pooches, then went in and got on the treadmill and walked more while I watched my show, did a weight loss program that spikes the incline from 0 to 10 in 2 min intervals.


          Thursday 5/17 - Yoga

          YWA - Love Yoga Flow : 40 minutes, dogs tried to participate but just ended up messing up my flow lol. How fun is it to try and do Vinyasa when dogs are walking under you and are laying on various places on your mat to be close to you <3

          Fight Squad II: 1 min squat hold - woot, I was surprised how long I was able to hold

          20 minute walk with my pooches after dinner


            Friday 5/18 - Running

            Running was not done this day due to daughters last band performance. But did 400 punches, 50 kicks, 50 squats, and 100 more punches. Was meant for Fight club II, but alas I did not submit in time. I believe I walked with the dogs a bit in the evening.

            Saturday 5/19 - Strength Training

            C25K: week 8 day 2 - Im a little off schedule again, but that's ok. 5 min w/u, 28 min run, 5 min cool down. Did all but the last minute at 4.3 mph, last minute push at 6!! Actually I couldn't hear the prompt to stop and start my cool down, so it was a little over a minute. Done on my hill program. Feeling really good about my runs!! I wish it wasn't so damn hot out now, we skipped spring and went straight to summer! Ugh. Walked the dogs and took some pictures that evening.

            Sunday 5/20 - Running

            The intention was to run, but hubby took me on a long ride on the motorcycle, and we were gone for the most of the day. Came home, did some laundry, took a shower and went to bed. But I managed to get some walking in on our stops.


              Monday - Strength Training

              3 sets with the full 2 min recovery time. I tried to follow the video, but that proved to be a challenge. My phone kept lagging a bit, and she is really quick so at times I struggled to keep up. Did the Push ups on my knees and the sit ups I couldn't do with my hands behind my head...

              Took a 20 min walk with my daughter to cool down and enjoy the evening air after the rain.

              I need to do more structured exercises like this, I avoid them because they are hard and I feel weak and get upset. It reminds me while my runs are getting better, I still have a lot of work to do.


                Cardio Trim, or 30 Days of Change...



                  While I haven't done it yet it seems to be a very enjoyable program for everyone I've seen reporting about it. And Cardio Trim was except for the first part of a day which usually is high knees / march step / jumping jacks and similar exercises very upperbody heavy and not all that much cardio to be honest, still a decent program but though.


                    Thanks for the input mogster !!


                      Tuesday - Running

                      C25K: Week 8 Day 3 - Run for 3 miles or 30 minutes:
                      I ran for 29 minutes at 4.3 mph, and the last minute push was 5.3. Done on the hills program ( 0-3% grade). I have officially graduated from C25K. According to my fitbit I ran 2.52 miles, so I am not quite actually running 5k yet, but it Is within my grasp, so I will keep working until I can do it. I think I can, I think I can...I
                      know I can, I know I can



                          Hmmm, I missed Thursday. I did Yoga, but I don't remember which video I did at this point. Or did I??

                          Drank too much to run on Friday...
                          Saturday went to a BBQ, Blues and Bikes thing - no drinking, lots of walking. I was tired when I returned home
                , just lazing and cleaning and such
                          Monday - BBQ at a Friends...and lazing lol got a little bit of a workout cleaning up the back yard for my hubby so he could mow.

                          Tuesday 5/29 - Running
                          Ok enough fooling around, I gotta get back to business and really start pushing my limits! So, I have a problem staying with things if I don't have something structured to do. Since I am done with my C25K program I have been playing around with different training ideas to help me do better with Rugged this year. I have been reading a lot of different articles to help me pin down what I need to do. I think I will start incorporating more runs in my week, just short ones. One site said to get better I need to run more, like 5 days a week instead of the 3 I am doing. A short 1 mile run after, or before strength training shouldn't be that big a deal...or so I hope. (They suggest strength training after a run, idk how I feel about that, but I may try it). Sprints, Intervals and hill training were mentioned on about every thing I read about gaining endurance. So now I just need to figure out how I am going to do it.
                          did run yesterday. I pushed myself. I wanted to see if I could maintain 5mph for a mile on my hills program(0-3% grade) and I did it, it was tough to maintain, but I did it. Then I dropped it down to 4( which was a little lower than I would've liked it to be, but that first mile was tough) and managed another mile. It was a 43 min workout in total with warm up and cool down. Then I tried some squats, I did around 13 before my husband made a comment about my knees grinding and crunching and told me maybe I should listen to them lol. They weren't hurting though, I mean...your only supposed to stop if it hurts, right? Noise is my normality, but pain isn't always a part of it.

                          I plan on doing back and core and 30 Days of Change starting June 1st...idk how that will work with my running plan...I may have to drop something, or skip days...theres just not enough time in the day for me!!


                            Weds 5/30 - 30 Days of Change -

                            So, I got an early start on 1 plan was to do Back and Core as well, but a forgotten rewards program for school had me limited on time. So day 1 on 30DoC I gonna say between a lvl II and lvl III on the running part. I ran for 15 mins at 4.5 and 15 mins at 4.1 on hills program. I was feeling the fact that I had ran hard the day before, and was struggling to get through it. Did part 2 shortly after my run and did it on lvl II. I don't know if I will be able to continue that throughout the program, but I will try.


                              Off to a great start!
                              I'm curious to see how you'll like 30 DoC. It's one of those programs that not a lot of people tackle.


                                Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                                Off to a great start!
                                I'm curious to see how you'll like 30 DoC. It's one of those programs that not a lot of people tackle.
                                Oh Dear! I had narrowed down my choices and mogster suggested it. Lets hope I don't have to .

                                Nah...I think I got this