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    Monday 4/10/17

    At Work

    50/50 Squats
    150 High Knees
    30 lunges 30 reverse lunges (done back to back)
    1 mile walk around my work complex during lunch(about 20 mins)

    After Work

    Walked 3.16 miles in about an hour. Some light jogging from time to time. Had people with me, which slowed me down a little, but a walk up Hell Hill was included (about 1/4 mile of steep incline twisty turny torcher)Finished Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 on Zombies run app. I find it interesting, but so much quiet time idk if I will continue with it.


      Tues 4/11/17----Worked both jobs----so...

      30/30/30 Dips
      10 Elevated P/U

      Unfortunately that about sums it up, but I guess its better than nothing. I usually get a decent work out at my second job with stocking, but I was doing office work this time.

      Today will be nice enough to go outside during my meal break so I will do better


        weds 4/12/17 -------worked both jobs--------but

        At Work

        100/100/100/100 Jumping Jacks!!!!
        1 Lap around the complex = 1 mile walk at lunch, which was more excitement than I can handle and I don't know if I will be doing that anymore.

        That is all for Weds

        Thurs 4/13 ------Day Off For Appts-----

        Did some fishing, got a sunburn....

        Walked/Ran 4 miles on the dreaded tread in 1H06M(there abouts) fastest mile being mile 2 @ 12:05

        1st mile walked the first quarter to warm-up, then jogged the rest. Paused a brief moment to reset machine then
        2nd mile started at 5.5mph, could not maintain for long, dropped and dropped and dropped some more until around 4.3. Added more and more speed at the end up to 7.2 to try and get under 12 mins...almost made it.
        3rd and 4th miles - walked a quarter mile to recover, jogged a quarter @ 4.?, walked another quarter then jogged 3/4 at 4-4.5. then walked a half mile to cool down and get my heart rate down


          Holiday weekend is a bit of a blur but.....

          Fri 4/14...half day at work, went with office peeps to the bridge to walk across the river, walked about 2.5 miles give or take, probably give....went to lunch, had some drinks...

          Sat 4/15 was a bust...cleaned the house, went to the grocery...helped a little working on our garage

          Sun 4/16 busy up the a few battle wounds and some sore muscles from that...

          After Easter Supper hit the tread...4 miles in 1:06 again. This time I walked 1/2 mile to warm up jogged 3 miles @ 4 - 4.3 pace (kept it steady)then walked 1/2 to cool down


            Mon 4/17

            Walked a little over 4 miles, outside...was puzzled at the fact it only took 10 minutes longer than it took me to run/walk it yesterday on my treadmill...its not like I was out to break some speed walking records or anything either I know I run slow especially when I am going for distance and not time...but damn

            Its to easy to give up when you have no one holding you accountable but yourself...I am struggling, but still going


              You've been doing so great, do not give up


                twinkletoes I am trying to stay focused, but I can feel it is getting blurred...I have gone away from strength training which I should be focusing on, but I find the repetitiveness of it boring buuut, I did just get my heavy bag put up again, so theres something...if I can only just find my other glove...


                  What about picking up Age of Pandora again where you left off and combining it with your heavy bag? If my memory serves me right, it has quite a lot of punches and kicks and the days aren't that repetitive, are they?


                    twinkletoes you are right, I do need to continue my path on AoP...its been nagging me in the back of my mind. Now that my bag is up, it will make it even better! I am trying to find a new pair of gloves now


                      Tues 4/18-----Only worked an Hr at 2nd Job-------

                      Revamp In Progress!

                      AoP - 5 min Punches...whew!

                      Attempted WOD, but knees said no thank you so only 1 set done.

             with 8lb weights...need heavier

                      Did about 1 1/4 mile on treadmill walking on incline walked 1/2 mile on grade 15, 1/4 mile on grade 10, 1/4 mile on grade 5 and 1/4 mile one grade1.

                      Started! I started out trying lvl II but found out real quick that was not going to work with the leg lifts and flutter kicks!

                      I did play around a little with my punching bag, but still missing a glove...did some walking and a random sprint here and there. Did my best to stay active
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                        Weds 4/19----worked both jobs------

                        200/200 High Knees traveling to Mountain Pits in AoP

                        Well it wasn't my intention for the whole picture to be posted, but whatever! Total Abs Day 2....Ugh, I am so weak! After the first set I had to do the up and down planks on my knees and it was still tough. I have a long road ahead of to keep my head in the game, remember my goal and not get discouraged and give up!!!!


                          -------------------------------------------------------Possible Age Of Pandora Spoiler Alert!!!!---------------------------------------------------------

                          Total Abs 30 Day Program by DAREBEEAge of Pandora by DAREBEE - Chapter 17

                          Thurs 4/20----Busy Day----

                          At Work
                          100 Marching Steps

                          Had 2 kiddos doing 2 different events so did some scrambling and was lucky enough to watch both but I did not get home until late

                          Total Abs - Lvl 1... Done all at once, tried to do like showed but found them harder so I moved to the floor...but maybe that was the point?

                          AoP chapter 17 - Lvl II....was tough, I have never done plank walk outs and I am sure I did not do them correctly, as in I didn't come all the way up to a full fold, and I am hoping I did the dragon push-ups right, I liked those. I do not like plank rotations...but as I am looking at the illustration again, I realize I did not do them correctly as I was down on my elbow..., I think I would've hated them more if I had done them correctly, as I had tried them before and they killed my wrists...and everything else.

                          I was hoping to get a run in but it did not work out for me as family life called(more like cleaning and attempting to fix the dishwasher)


                            Friday 4/21

                            Total Abs Day 4
                            Iron Born Day 1 w/17lb weights, a tad heavy, but I managed
                            Age of Pandora chptr 18 - 10 min combat...I used my punching bag 😁
                            Flexibility (?)Week - Unbound - Day 1
                            Brief walk/jog... About 1 1/2 miles



                              Sat 4/22 Kind of a lazy day but...

                              Day 5 lvl I
                              Day 2
                              Day 2 - Flexibility Week
                              And 5 Mins of very frustrating Jump Rope

                              Sun 4/23

                              Day 6 lvl I
                              Day 3 - Flexibility Week

                              AoP-Traveling from mountains to swamp lvl II....ran/walked a little over 4 miles with 1/2 mile a very steep incline that I have thus named Hell Hill.

                              Todays work out should be interesting as it is Ab day on Iron Born and not just an active rest day on Total Abs 0.o

                              Hope everyone had a good weekend
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                                Monday 4/24

                                At Work 75 Jumping Jacks :/

                                Back to back - Abs Day

                                Day 7 - lvl 1 -
                                Day 4 -

                                I did not get to do the running I wanted to do or the Flexibility Workout or visit Pandora....There needs to be more hours in the day