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    Day 16: All trophies

    As I enter the small room, the dim lights flicker on and the door slides to a close behind me.
    We're in a supply room.
    Shelves of medical supplies, and electrical components line the walls.

    " how did you know this was here? " I ask

    " I worked here, on med deck." He replies

    " We're on med deck?" I ask with surprise

    " Yes, my name is Dr. Tsvangula, I was one of the surgeons here." he introduces himself.

    " I see, so if you're here...what happened to the rest of the people on med deck?" I ask

    He breathes out a defeated sigh, which pretty much answers that question, and takes a seat on one of the supply crates in the room.

    " about a week ago we started getting complaints from patients with regards to sleeplessness and acute fevers.
    At first we discounted it as perhaps just an outbreak of influenza...they are quite common on vessels like these. But after further investigation and tests ran on blood samples taken from the patients, it was quickly clear we were dealing with something else entirely..."

    " wait...are you saying we're dealing with some kind of pathogen, or contagious disease here?" I ask

    " To some degree...yes...but from what I can tell, it doesn't appear to be airborne..." the doctor replies.

    " I see, so that's why your friend asked me that question..." I make the connection.

    " Yes...seems we have to be quite careful with who we encounter along the way. Since it seems, from what I have observed so far, death and mutation is the final stages of this infection..."

    My mind drifts off to the thought of Sam and Jude. Where could they be. Hopefully they weren't exposed. Then my mind drifts back to the thought of that creature we encountered, ensnared in the debris pile.
    The badge on the belt...
    it was from the nursery wing...


    Kick Master - Day 8, 9

    10 minute meditation

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      Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
      The badge on the belt...
      it was from the nursery wing...


        Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
        Such is life there twinkletoes


          Day 17 - Level III (1 minute rest)

          It is both with sadness and with horror....that the thought comes to me.
          To think that one of those things was in the nursery.
          Attempting to shake that picture from my mind, I return to the doctor.

          " Okay doctor, from what you've observed so far, would you say there is any chance of a cure for this, before death and mutation occurs? " I ask

          " I wish I could answer that, but there is still too little that we know about this infection. The deck was overrun before we could delve into further studying this case. " he replies with defeat and frustration.

          "damn...oh, you haven't been able to make contact with anyone from the bridge yet, have you ? Down at both the research and maintenance wings, comms were shot. " I continue

          " No we haven't been able to make contact with anyone as of yet....there is a switch board three units down from here, we might be able to get something there." he replies

          " I see, well I reckon that's perhaps our best bet now, don't you agree?" I ask

          " Suppose it's better then having to wait around here to die, isn't it? " the doctor replies

          " Alright then doc, lead the way. " I encourage.

          " Hold on a moment, I noticed you're wearing one of those HMEVAs. There should be something here that we should be able to add to that. Give us, give you a better chance out there. " he turns, rummaging through the shelves, until he finds a square case.
          " Ah here we are "
          He opens the case, and retrieves something that looks like a transmitter, connected to a cable, which connects to something that looks like a skeletal glove, with a short curved rod fixed to it.

          He hands the device to me.
          " Here, attach this to the belt of the suit, and put the glove on your right hand."

          "What is it ?" I ask, as I attach the device to my suit.

          " Mobile emergency surgery module. " the doctor replies.
          " Hit that button on the belt transmitter "

          I press the button, and suddenly the curved rod on the glove begins to hum and glow and suddenly a red beam erupts from the one end of the red, connecting to the other end.

          " Now we at least have something to fight back with, more than that rivet gun.", says the doctor



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            Day 18
            Part 1 - Bonus Go

            "Okay Doc, looks like the coast is clear for now, let's move." I mention to the doctor as we carefully creep out through the door of the small storage room.

            "I am right behind you. " The doctor replies.

            We start making our way further down the corridor toward the switch board console, 3 units down.
            Med deck is a complete mess, it looks like this place was hit by a hurricane. Shelves are thrown over, panels are broken off of the walls, cables are protruding from ducting and conduits, broken glass, various equipment components, and blood and gore...
            I can't even begin to imagine the horror that transpired here...

            Suddenly we hear scuttling sounds emanating from the duct behind and above us, and at once one of those "roach" creatures comes bursting through, lunging directly at the doctor.
            I hit the button on my belt to activate the 'blade' on my right hand, it buzzes to life, and in one swift movement, I push the doctor out of harms way and the blade connects the 'roach' between the eyes. Almost in shock, I witness how the blade effortlessly cuts through the creature, like a hot knife through butter. It lies bifurcated before us.

            "You alright doc ?" I ask

            " yes, thank you. Guess we must be more careful, eh?" he replies.

            As we're about to make our way further along we hear more scuttling from the ducting, and a whole host of the 'roaches' come bursting through.

            " err...Doctor Tsvangula...I think we'd better run! " I call to him, as we turn tail and run as fast as our legs will carry us.

            "Almost there..." the doctor says, out of breath, as we're keeping as much distance as possible between us and the roaches.

            "Okay, here, take a left up ahead!" he shouts as we come to a cross path in the corridors.
            We swing left and I see a plexiglass door along the wall on the left hand side.

            " In there, the switch board console is in there! "

            Part 2 - Level III, all trophies

            We rush to the door, push it open , dash inside and slam it shut behind us.
            The roaches come chasing along after us, but they are met with a closed door, separating us from them.

            "Okay doctor, you'd know better than me, where to start with this....mind seeing if we can get someone on the line? " I ask out of breath.

            The doctor nods enthusiastically, while also trying to get his breath back, after the chase we just had to endure. As he turns to make his way to the console, we hear the sound of the frame of the door starting to become stressed under the pressure of the roaches outside.

            I quickly move to the door and place the whole of my body weight against it to prevent the roaches from pushing their way in.

            Tsvangula quickly makes his way to the console and starts flipping switches and turning knobs in hope to that we can contact someone.

            " Hello, hello, is anyone there? we need help, can you hear me, hello, is anyone there?" He says into the console. No reply.

            " This is Doctor Tsvangula, from med deck, is anyone there? can you hear me?" he tries again. Still no reply.
            He looks up at me and shakes his head.

            " This is- " then suddenly
            " Hello, is someone there? We hear you, do you copy?" We hear a voice coming from the console



            Kick Master - Day 11

            5 minute meditation

            Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 38


              Day 19
              Part 1 - extra set + bonus go

              Doctor Tsvangula and I look surprised at each other as we hear the voice coming from the console.

              "Repeat; we hear you, do you copy?" The voice asks.

              "y-yes we copy, thank goodness..." the doctor replies relieved.

              " This is Lieutenant Takeida. We're on the bridge, can you give us your location." the voice from the console continues

              "Yes, I am Doctor Tvangula, we're contacting from med deck, me and another survivor, can you please send help?"

              " Sorry doctor, we're a little short staffed at the moment on this side, we do however have your location dialed in here. Our scanners show you're in quite a tight spot there. We should be able to do something about that part. Hang on a second." Takeida answers.

              Suddenly we see the lights from outside start to flash and hear a alarm go off.
              And at once the hallway is flushed full of gas.

              " I think you might want to move away from the door real quick." Takeida says over the console.

              I quickly jump away from holding the door as I felt it become extremely cold.

              Part 2 - Level III (4 minutes)

              After a short beat, we hear Takeida's voice over the console.
              " Okay, you should be clear to move now. Doctor, according to the inventory of that station, there should be a mobile communicator there.
              Take it with you. We'll send you the schematics of what we've got, so you can make your way to us."

              " Alright, we shall do that. Thank you so much Lieutenant." the doctor replies

              We make our move towards the door and push it open, the creatures outside are frozen solid. They completely break to pieces when you touch them.

              "Comms check. Do you copy doctor?" Takeida asks over the communicator.

              "Yes, yes we hear you loud and clear Lieutenant." Tvangula replies.

              "Alright, first order of business is for you to get to the maintenance elevator on the deck. Our scanners show that it's still operational, and that there hasn't been any 'bogies' picked in there. Rate that's you best bet. Good luck " Takeida informs us.



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                But where are Sam and Jude? Hehe, I love this.


                  Yes, it's great!


                    Day 20 - all trophies

                    It takes us a little while, having to sneak passed some of those creatures, in the process, but Doctor Tsvangula and I manage to make it to med deck's maintenance elevator unscathed.

                    " I am quite glad we didn't encounter any company along the way here..." the doctor breathes out a sigh of relief, as we ascend in the elevator
                    ",,,to be honest, I can't wait to get off of this ship."

                    "Can't argue with that doc." I reply

                    " you seem unsure..." Tsvangula observes.

                    " Suppose you got me on that one doc..." I concede
                    " Just thinking about the other survivors I was with; Sam and Jude...I'm really hoping they are alright. Hopefully we'll see them at where ever we are going. "

                    " I see, yes, I hope so too. " the doctor replies.

                    " Doctor Tsvangula, do you copy?" Takeia's voice sounds from the communicator.

                    " Yes Lieutenant, we're here " the doctor replies.

                    " i see you managed to make it to the elevator.
                    Just a bit of a heads up; that elevator you're on should take you to the south section of the bridge deck. Just take extra care when you disembark from that.
                    We've identified multiple hostiles in that section. " Takeida informs us

                    " What ?" the doctor and I reply in unison

                    " Why would you guide us here, if you knew that was the case ?" the doctor adds

                    " As far as we could make out from our scanners, that was the best bet. The rest of med deck was completely over run, you would never have made it.It was actually blind luck that we managed to get into contact.
                    I know it's not pretty, but you at least have a chance here. " answers Takeida

                    The doctor and I look at each crap as the situation is, we silently agree that he probably has a point.

                    The maintenance elevator comes to a halt at bridge deck.
                    And the doors hiss open.



                    Kick Master - Day 14

                    10 minute meditation
                    Chin-ups in one go: 38


                      Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                      But where are Sam and Jude? Hehe, I love this.
                      thanks twinkletoes
                      think the last post kinda hints at that


                        Day 21 - Level III (extra set, < 1 minute rest)

                        Intermittently flickering lights hang from the ceiling, and sparks from torn down and ripped open panels greet us, as the doctor and I carefully peer through the open doors of the maintenance elevator.
                        What the hell happened here?

                        Apart from the sound of the wreckage, it seems eerily quiet.
                        " Hey sure about this? " I whisper to the doctor. My nerves are very much on their edge.
                        " What other choice do we have ?" the doctor replies.

                        A part of me also thinks that it was actually a pointless question I asked.
                        We carefully keep moving along the corridor. Keeping our eyes and ears open for any sign of trouble. Really hope we don't run into anything.

                        We're moving along steadily, when suddenly, up ahead I see a shape quickly cross the corridor, but then disappear from sight, causing my heart to skip a beat.
                        " Did you see that ?" I whisper to the doctor.
                        " No, I didn't see anything..." the doctor whispers back.

                        Dammit, why is it so quiet ?

                        I was about to continue that train of thought when we start hearing a scratching sound coming from within the right hand side wall. Doctor Tsvangula and I slowly and nervously stare at each other and then follow the sound with our eyes.

                        It passes us and continues further down the wall, until it reaches one of the broken wall panels.
                        Then everything goes quiet.

                        As we quickly turn to make our way further along the corridor, Doctor Tsvangula accidentally kicks a loose pipe on the floor, that had broken off from one of the walls. The sound reverberates all along the corridor.
                        We both freeze at the sound of it.
                        The sound dissipates. We wait. Nothing.

                        Just as I breathe out a little sigh, thinking that it's over, a loud crashing sound explodes from behind us.
                        One, no two of those humanoid creatures burst through the broken opening, about 30 meters behind us.
                        The sight of them and the hissing sounds emanating from them make the hair stand up at the back of my neck.



                        Kick Master - Day 15

                        Pull-ups in one go: 34


                          Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                          "Sam and Jude...I'm really hoping they are alright. Hopefully we'll see them at where ever we are going. "

                          " I see, yes, I hope so too. " the doctor replies.
                          Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                          One, no two of those humanoid creatures burst through the broken opening, about 30 meters behind us.
                          Is it too early too conclude they got (not exactly) what they wished for?


                            Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post

                            Is it too early too conclude they got (not exactly) what they wished for?
                            Not quite that just yet twinkletoes


                              Day 22

                              Part 1 - bonus go

                              As we slightly take a step backwards, away from the two creatures staring at us, a third one suddenly appears as well!

                              Time to run.
                              "I-I think we'd best run...!" the doctor frighteningly whispers to me.

                              We quickly turn on our heels and in an effort to create as much distance between us and the three creatures.
                              We hear loud roaring or screeching sounds erupt from them as they respond, and give chase.
                              Damn these things are fast. Hard to believe they were once human!
                              Faster, we have to run faster

                              My legs are staring to ache. I don't think I've ever run this fast and desperately in my life. Funny thing; the will to survive.

                              It feels like it's hopeless, these things are starting to gain on us,
                              How much further is it to Takeida?

                              About 40 meters down the corridor, from where we are, we see a door slowly opening.
                              "There, that has to be Takeida opening the door for us!" the doctor proclaims, as we continue our desperate escape from the creatures bearing down on us.

                              As we're running, I quickly glance around us. There has to be something...

                              I see it, about 20 meters from the door that's opening.

                              "Hey doc, we're gonna have to do something here " I call to the doctor,as we continue our run.
                              " it's the last stretch, mind giving it that little extra? I have an idea."

                              He quickly glances my way, and lowers his head down, as he increases the speed of his sprint.

                              As we continue our escape, I quickly glance back at our pursuers. I see them drawing ever closer.
                              I quickly hit the button on the belt of my suit, and the hot blade ignites on my right hand.
                              I only have one shot at this.

                              Part 2 - Part 1 & 2 in one workout

                              I quickly increase the speed of my run, to gain the proper momentum to make a jump.
                              There's a coolant pipe running along the ceiling.
                              I make the jump and swing my right arm up, the laser blade makes contact with the pipe and slices through it effortlessly. Freezingly cold gas erupts with a blast from the pipe.
                              Landing with a stumble, I swing my blade arm, low and backwards to the right, slicing through the front support beams of a mobile maintenance cabinet parked in the corridor. It tumbles over blocking the rest of the path behind us as I roll through the opened door, where Doctor Tsvagula grabs my arm and pulls me in.

                              The creatures are left screeching and roaring and screaming, as the door closes. Separating us from them.



                              Kick Master - Day 16,17

                              5 Minute meditation

                              Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 39


                                Day 23

                                Part 1 - Extra Set
                                Part 2 - < 1 minute rest, extra set

                                Day 24 - All trophies

                                "Well that was close. You guys sure know how to make an entrance..." I hear a familiar voice behind me, as Doctor Tsvangula is helping me to my feet.

                                "You must be Lieutenant Takeida" the doctor says

                                As I finally get to my feet, looking up, I see the officer. Standing in front of us.
                                Immediately something grabs my attention.
                                I notice his shirt is torn, his left shoulder is bandaged up, and his leg too.
                                I don't make something of it just yet.

                                "Where is everyone ? I thought this place would still be quite bustling with you guys trying figure out this whole mess." I add.

                                "heh, funny story. When everything went to hell, almost everyone turned tail and got out. Those of us who stayed got run down by those things out there. Some of them are actually the people I used to work with. This whole situation is FUBAR." Takeida continues.

                                " You're saying you're the only one left ?" Tvangula asks

                                "Pretty much..." Takeida replies
                                " I lost contact with one of our techs; Huisteen. She headed out to reroute power to one of the communication arrays. Since the condition I'm in, I'm pretty much useless, in that regard.
                                We were hoping to get our systems back up, so that we could call for help. It's been quite sometime since I've heard anything from her. I fear the worst. "

                                "Power couldn't just be rerouted from here ?" I ask

                                " Well we tried that, but the lines were severed, along the corridor, that runs through the ceiling, through the hull of the ship and to the communications array, on the outside of the vessel. " Takeida replies
                                " So we had to - " suddenly he let's out a painful groan, and drops to his knee, clutching his injured shoulder.

                                Doctor Tvangula quickly rushes to him.
                                "Are you alright ? Here, let me take a look at that." The doctor says.

                                They turn and walk to one of the various console chairs here on the bridge, as Takeida takes a seat.

                                " What happend ?" the doctor asks, as he tends to Takeida's shoulder

                                " you saw those things out there..." Takeida knods his head in the direction of the closed bridge doors.
                                As Doctor Tvangula removes the bandage from his arm, we see that a deep gash and what seems like bite marks on his shoulder.
                                A cold chill runs up my spine at the realization.
                                Suddenly the communicator at the main console erupts with sound, and we hear another familiar voice ask: " Hello, can anyone hear me?"​​​​​



                                Kick Master - Day 18

                                Pull-ups in one go(Tarzan): 30