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    i would go for the 3rd one But what is the 1st one TheLibrarian ?

    Cortis watchout - twinkletoes is always nearby when you going to cook.


      TheLibrarian´s Log - Stardate: 70769.4:

      - IronBorn - day 21

      - TheLongRun - day 8

      Consecutive Days of Exercise: 122 / 150

      Comments and Thoughts:

      Well, todays workout stands under the slogan: "The early bird ... "

      It happens that we have a life - OMG - and therefore today we are visiting some friends later on after work! Good dinner and mead will be served - propaply a lot from the latter - but not as much that it will spoil next days workout session

      Therefore todays workout was at : 04:20

      IronBorn: Great workout routine today! I loved the exercises - and the lateral exercise has really much improved - can´t believe it! Awesome! In the beginning of the program I struckled a lot with this explicitly exercise! couldn´t get high enough - long story short: too weak and the form was miserable - but now: i´ve mastered this particular exercise!
      I also enjoyed the push-up-variation with dumbbells! Quite intense because it also focuses on stabilization-muscles! And Arnold was with me all the time - what else is there to say and wish for! Great Day!

      TheLongRun: Short and sweet - again - looking forward for the next training session tomorrow: 15 minutes in a row!

      Fortunately today is Friday - the weekend is near! Have a great time bees!


        SimonB here comes the conclusion:

        1st one: glutenfree buckwheat crêpes filled with potatomash, sauerkraut, sausages, cheese, topped with mustard and herbs
        2nd one: glutenfree buckwheat crêpes filled with ham, grilled champions, leek, spinach, cheese, and a fried egg on top
        3rd one: glutenfree buckwheat crêpes filled with pears and homemade chestnutcreme and raspberries and powdered sugar on top

        they got a big menu card (vegetarian, fish, meat, sweet ones, ...)


          Originally posted by SimonB View Post
          Cortis watchout - twinkletoes is always nearby when you going to cook.
          Cortis, I'm ordering the 2nd and 3rd option! Merci beaucoup, mon amie!


            3rd option. Definitely 3rd for me


              Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post

              Cortis, I'm ordering the 2nd and 3rd option! Merci beaucoup, mon amie!
              Nice, I want the same thing. I'll just have to double the recipe ~
              De rien ? :')


                Suuuuuper jealous of that dinner!


                  TheLibrarian´s Log - Stardate: 70772.6:

                  - IronBorn - day 22

                  - TheLongRun - day 9

                  - Pusher Club - week 10 - 154 / 154 (today: 22 regular-push-ups)

                  - DailyDare + EC (157th)

                  Consecutive Days of Exercise: 123 / 150

                  Comments and Thoughts:

                  IronBorn: short and sweet - I liked it! Only 8 more days - then the program is finished ... well, enough time to think about my next program ...

                  TheLongRun: today I ran 15 minutes in a row! As far as I calculated the distance correctly I ran today 2,9km! don´t know if this distance is convenient for 15 minutes - or not.
                  But as a first milestone I am quite proud! Something to work on from there

                  cool-down-phase: plumber-workout - LvL 3. I noticed that our sink was leaking ... now it is repaired again! Its one of those IKEA sinks - they are not good at all, next time we will decide differently

                  and now: I will prepare some spanish-inspired-tapas! I think we earned them today

                  Enjoy your week-end bees!


          , what program are you going to conquer next??
                    As always, you're doing great!


                      Ikea sink...... I actually fixed one of those with duct tape for a friend and aparently the taped bits held up better then the rest of the damn sink, lol.


                        noname Thanks! The same to you - you machine Regarding the next program: not quite sure yet ... I was thinking about some combat programs perhaps! Can you recommend "Fighter´s Codex" or "Combat HIIT" - they look interesting! And you already conquered them

                        'rin MacGyver would be proud of you! Why haven´t I thought about duct tape!? Awesome idea! Will "DEFINITELY" keep that in mind for next time - because there will be a next time when an IKEA sink is concerned ...! Thanks for the hint!

                        and I also wanted to share my "spanished-inspired-tapas"! Bon appétit!

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Your running speed for that was a little over five minutes a kilometer, which is really good, from what I've read in other boards. You should be proud of that time.


                            for your feedback wjs - it is much appreciated!


                              Blue cheese, blue cheese, blue cheese...


                                PetiteSheWolf oh yes ... blue cheese: always the best ... unfortunately it´s empty now ...