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    Haha too funny. It should be thing, right? TheLibrarian neilarey






          There is a broccoli emoji!

          Oh and that's indeed a nice looking new avatar TheLibrarian. The @Librarianista knows her craft.


            Kaufminator colinclean Rissa Thanks bees!

            colinclean Today I tried a video by Eckhart-Yoga, I have to confess I really like the videos and the instructions. Very calming voice too. I did a video for my shoulder, because this little bugger is still with me, it was really good. Will take a closer look to the channel on the morrow! Thanks for pointing this out for me.


            No-Sugar-Challenge 28 / 365
            Iron-Born - Day 14
            cold-shower 11 / 14
            Meditation-Challenge 6 / 30
            1min-yoga-challenge - day 2

            no-sugar: still good, although another bee brought cookies to work with him today, right bee927589452
            cold-shower: still cold
            meditation: amazing
            yoga: oh my gosh - this was a pose

            I see that we have new emojis but nothing can change my favourite emoji:


              sleep_twitch that explanation is perfect, rly. I prefer down dog bc I am basically always looking for yoga to be physical...if I want medatative movement I go for a walk.




                  Nice new avatar

                  and yes the devil has to do his work and tempt the people
                  *rubs hands*



                    No-Sugar-Challenge 29 / 365
                    Iron-Born - Day 15
                    cold-shower 12 / 14
                    Meditation-Challenge 7 / 30

                    No-Sugar-Challenge: almost a month - but tomorrow will be cheat-day.

                    IronBorn: Leg Day - either you love them, or you hate them, I like them

                    cold-shower: well, today was the day, the day were I forgot that the water is cold, today the cold was really my warm friend. I can´t describe it any better. Great - so refreshing and energizing, from deep inside!

                    Meditation: I really like the session and am happy that I joined the challenge-group Something I still have to learn is not only to focus, but to stay focused. It is really hard in my opinion. I caught myself occasionaly that my mind drifted (i.e. what to do, I have something forgotten, what about, I need to ... ) well, I think you get my drift. I tried the concentrate on my breath again, and it worked ... more or less. But apart from that minor drifting the session felt great. you really come to rest. I like that and need that atm.

                    I did another eckhart-yoga video today, another one for the shoulder. Short and sweet.

                    Enjoy your weekend my bees



                      No-Sugar-Challenge 30 / 365
                      Iron-Born - Day 16
                      cold-shower 13 / 14
                      Meditation-Challenge 8 / 30

                      no sugar challenge: day 30 will be a cheat day - because we are visiting a japanese restaurant later on

                      cold-shower: today was the first day i went directly for the cold side - and I stayed there for about 7-8 minutes, felt great!

                      did another yoga video today and my workout was finished (after the shower session) with a nice meditation sitting

                      now: going to the christmas market and then we will have a great dinner. Enjoy your saturday bees.


                        Enjoy the restaurant. I'm enjoying myself, it's still raining


                          Japanese food is awesome. Let us know what special treat you choose for your cheat day (my vote is for dorayaki)

                          And thanks for all the encouragement re the sugar thing. Once I get there, I'll let you know how it goes


                            we had a great day yestereve - but we didn´t went to the christmas market in the end - because it started raining again ... I think Amirsh made the a rain-dance instead of a sun-worship

                            alleycat awesome indeed. I really love it - involving all 5 senses, the simplicity, the message, the preparation and procedure, etc. - it had always be something calming for me. But now to your vote - it is a good one but we couldn´t choose, because it was a fixed-course-menue - everything was planned by the chef, so, he decided for us. But he surprised us with the following dessert:

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7717.JPG
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Size:	286.9 KB
ID:	524483
                            ("matcha-christmas-stollen" and "redwine-sorbet")


                            No-Sugar-Challenge 31 / 365
                            Mr. & Mrs. Furniture - LvL 1
                            cold-shower 14 / 14
                            Meditation-Challenge 9 / 30

                            Today we had little time - we helped my sister-in-law to build up a wardrobe, after that we arranged some stuff at home to new places which resulted in more space for fitness, meditation, etc. - so you see, we had a great day. But because of all the heavy work with furniture I had not much time and energy left afterwords for my workout-routine, but hey, tomorrow is a new day

                            cold-shower went really good. Again without a heat shower before - directly to the cold - but it didn´t feel as cold as 14 days ago, amazing how you body can adapt. I really like it and will continue the "challenge" - the cold is my new warm friend.

                            Now I have a date with my guitar and a nice cup of tea

                            Happy Sunday.


                              If rain dances worked I would be living in a jungle right now, instead an edge of a desert. Maybe someone from somewhere else should do them in order for rain to fall here you play guitar too


                                just saw the epic tree very difficult choice indeed, as a knight I could use both - a sword and a shield - which one to choose but because I prefer the Longsword in the end, there will be no need for a shield (and I am either way invincible) therefore I will go for the epic sword. should be a nice warmup

                                Come on bees, let our names live and be remebered forever.

                                ps.: there are a lot of bees not responding atm I hope all of you are fine, take care my bees can we add ornaments for other bees as well I wonder neilarey