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    wjs colinclean TheLibrarian I started learning German by myself a few years ago but gave up when I had to breath deep to try and read new words.



      No-Sugar-Challenge 21 / 365
      Iron-Born - Day 7
      Total Abs - Day 7
      cold-shower 4 / 14

      cold-shower: I DID IT I started warm - then worked my way to the cold side - but I couldn´t reach it ... I stopped, exited the shower and started to towel myself ... then I thought: "not again ... not today" (probably because I am unpatient - I went back in) - and then I started another approach, but not starting with warm water, I went directly to the dark ... ahm cold side I started with feet, arms stomach, back and then upperbody - and you know what? it felt good, even warm, sounds crazy right? I still had a grin on my face when I exited the shower for the second time. Great feeling. And the interesting part is that the body felt warm regardless the cold water, great, tomorrow again and longer. The cold is definitely your warm friend

      wjs colinclean Amirsh Day 1: "Rhabarberkuchen" - it is a composit-word. It is very common to use composit words in germany to build new words. The first one is "Rhabarber" (rhubarb) and the second one is "Kuchen" (cake) - and regarding the "Rhabarberkuchen" I found a very funny youtube video with many composits made with Rhabarber ... well, it tells a funny story - have fun


        approach, but not starting with warm water, I went directly to the dark ... ahm cold side I started with feet, arms stomach, back and then upperbody - and you know what? it felt good, even warm, sounds crazy right? I still had a grin on my face when I exited the shower for the second time.
        I start with the head when I take cold showers. It's a bit of a shock but a lot quicker.


          Now i want cake


            Rhabarberkuchen is a running gag in my life - I had an anaphylactic shock after eating rhubarb as a kid, so it is the only thing I really cannot eat, ever. I can take lactase pills when there's milk in something, I can deal with the skin problems I get from peanuts, but rhubarb is out. I don't even know what it tastes like anymore. But I always forget to mention it, because rhubarb simply doesn't exist for me. And whenever I made new friends, they brought Rhabarberkuchen or Rhabarbersaft at some point, and then I had to reject it, and afterwards there's always the Rhabarber joke ("Twitchy, I brought pizza - Rhabarberpizza!")


              sleep_twitch at least you know your "kryptonite"


                My partner comes from near a part of the UK that is called "The Rhubarb Triangle" because they grow so much of it there - YOU MUST NEVER GO THERE, TWITCHY!



                  No-Sugar-Challenge 22 / 365
                  Iron-Born - Day 8
                  Total Abs - Day 8
                  cold-shower 5 / 14

                  Weekend ... and Winter Games are coming



                    No-Sugar-Challenge 23 / 365
                    Iron-Born - Day 9
                    Total Abs - Day 9
                    cold-shower 6 / 14
                    Meditation / Me-Time 1 / x
                    Moving-Service - LvL 1

                    Nice and funny day - it started perfectly with a Darbee-Workout and a cold shower - the latter gets more easy then I thought and I even like it very much and am looking forward to it, gets me refreshed and energized on a level I didn´t knew before. Great! I will not participate in the advent-calender-workout and the christmas program - firstly because I did it in the past, secondly I have enough workouts to keep my occupied atm and thirdly I am doing a no-sugar-challenge ... the darebee workouts are just too sweet

                    After the Cold Shower I started with a meditation because I felt in the mood to try it out. I started with 5 Minutes. I don´t know If I did it the right way - you read a lot and everybody tells you a different story on how to do it or not ... well, I for my part took a relaxed seat, closed my eyes, listened to natural sounds on the ipod, and tried to listen to my breath and find my inner peace. I also asked my wife to give me a call after 5 minutes. My experience: a had a lost for time if you get my drift - but not the bad way - I went very calm and found some inner peace. Not quite sure how best to describe it - perhaps the next session gives me more answers. Long story short, will try to implement meditation on a daily basis, well, lets call it "Me-Time". I will start with 5 or 10 minutes - and then we will see how it develops.

                    After that I took some pleasure in my adapted japanese tea-ceremony - the preparation and the process gives me always an inner calm and peace I really enjoy it.

                    Then we helped my sister-in-law to move to their new and especially first flat - we had a great time and we laughed a lot - and we had a great "chilli-con-carne" to strengthen ourselves.

                    Now I enjoy a good book and help myself to another matcha

                    Happy saturday my bees


                      Have a great weekend!


                        Originally posted by noname View Post
                        Have a great weekend!

                        you too


                          There's a meditation thread in the Playground and we're doing a December meditation challenge if you want to join us, Librarian.


                            What are the rules of your no-sugar challenge? I went back to the start of it, but still cannot work it out. No straight-up sugar, but honey is okay? I imagine that syrups are out as well. Sweet fruit? Juices? Alcohol?
                            I'm thinking of doing some kind of a version of this. Knowing how you do it would help me to formulate what I would like to achieve


                              colinclean that sounds great, I think will join you! You are doing the 30-days-challenge, right? Is it ok wen I post in my check-in, or do you bees want to post in the meditation-check-in?

                              alleycat our rules are really simple.

                              1. no added industrial sugars
                              2. trying to cook the most time on our own (still doing that, so, nothing new here) - without sugar - and if it happens that we go out: no sweet dishes!
                              2.1. in the long run you have to cook on your own - because most stuff you can buy is with added sugar - even bread - so you can´t avoid it not to think about cooking on your own.
                              3. rules for "if" we drink juice (does mostly not happen): 100ml (max per day) mixed with 300ml of warm water
                              4. little honey is ok (only if neccessary - i.e. for baking, etc.)
                              5. protein is good
                              6. we also aim for only max 10 cheat-situations per person in the 365 days challenge.
                              7. eating less: bananas, mangos, grapes - because: lots of sugar, even if it is natural. but we eat other fruits, for example apples, but only 1 a day - well, a small amount of fruits per day.
                              8. alcohol, not a matter in this challenge, because we drink very little alcohol throughout the year, and if there is a day, 1 glas of max 2-4 cl of whiskey doesn´t kill me but no cocktails if that is what you meant ...

                              of course our rules are expandable - so, please share your thoughts, perhaps there are some topics we didn´t think about it, then we could adapt some of your thoughts into our challenge as well


                              No-Sugar-Challenge 24 / 365
                              Iron-Born - Day 10
                              Total Abs - Day 10
                              cold-shower 7 / 14
                              Meditation-Challenge 2 / 30

                              added the meditation challenge - Thanks colin for the nudge


                                Nice to see TheLibrarian is still as awesome and inspiring as ever