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    Thanks, Colin and Mamatigerj!

    sleep_twitch Definitely what I would suspect, too. As my phone definitely isn't new (I bought it in November 2017), I was already glad that I was able to install the app without problems (after de-installing another app to free space...).

    Thursday, 20th May (cont'd):
    in my lunchbreak:
    Xpress Tone, Day 11
    Power Walk Challenge, Day 6

    My legs are feeling a bit tired, but a lot better than expected.

    Friday, 21st May:
    Runner Prime, Day 2, Level 1
    Power Grip Challenge, Day 22
    DD w/ EC (60 Front Kicks)
    Power Walk Challenge, Day 7

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    89 DD done, 76 with EC.


      Nice, long weekend... :-) I could get used to those three day weekends

      Tuesday, 25th May:
      1 minute HIIT, Day 18, Level 1
      Power Grip Challenge, Day 23
      DD w/ EC (50 knee to elbow)

      Wednesday, 26th May:
      Runner Prime, Day 3 (3.31 km)
      Power Grip Challenge, Day 24

      It was cold... but then felt warm as soon as I ran in the morning sunshine (at around 5.45 am ). I spent the day in the office, that felt so unusual and soooo good at the same time - real people, real conversation.

      Thursday, 27th May:
      Runner Prime, Day 4, Level 3
      Power Grip Challenge, Day 25
      DD w/ EC (80 balance swings)
      in the evening:
      Xpress Tone, Day 12
      Power Walk Challenge, Day 8

      91 DD done, 78 with EC.


        Friday, 28th May:
        Runner Prime, Day 5 (3.78 km)
        Hamstring Stretch
        Power Grip Challenge, Day 26
        in the afternoon:
        Xpress Tone, Day 13
        Power Walk Challenge, Day 9

        Nice run this morning, I'm able to go quite a bit longer with "running" before I need to walk as I'm thinking. Shows once more that a lot of this is mental, too... So I set myself a goal to be able to really "run" those 30 minutes without needing to walk. That would be nice! As well as reaching 5k, but that's another goal. We'll see what I can accomplish before it gets to dark again in the morning. ;-)
        The Power Walk Challenge is quite nice - but this afternoon, I really struggled with those 2 minutes after the run in the morning...

        Have a great weekend everyone!


          Yay for good runs!


            Monday, 31st May:
            Runner Prime, Day 6, Level 2
            Power Grip Challenge, Day 27

            No workout in the evening, instead a long walk, enjoying the sunshine. Although it's still quite cold and windy, but hey, sunshine! I just read this morning that it has been the coldest May in 11 years... definitely felt like it.

            Tuesday, 1st June:
            Runner Prime, Day 7 - 3.28 km
            Stretching Post Run
            Power Grip Challenge, Day 28

            It was soooo cold outside this morning, my app said 4°C... But what a beautiful sunrise, very calm and quiet and nobody else around the fields. Very nice. Funnily, it has been the exact same route than on Friday and now the tracking is missing 0.5 km... On first glance, I can't see if it's really "missing" this time or if it tracked something crazy last time, but honestly, I don't really care. I was outside, I did my run, I didn't have too many walking breaks, so everything is fine. (Except for my legs feeling quite tired this time...)
            I'm not sure if there will be a workout this evening, the sun is shining again and I'd love to take my motorcycle for a ride (I need to buy a birthday card... ). We'll see.


              Wednesday, 2nd June:
              Runner Prime, Day 8, Level 3
              Power Grip Challenge, Day 29

              Thursday, 3rd June:
              1 minute HIIT, Day 19, Level 1
              Power Grip Challenge, Day 30
              in the evening:
              Xpress Tone, Day 14
              Power Walk Challenge, Day 10

              Friday, 4th June:
              Runner Prime, Day 9 (3.05 km)
              Stretching Post Run
              DD w/ EC (60 s Elbow Clicks)

              Monday, 7th June:
              Runner Prime, Day 10, Level 1

              Tuesday, 8th June:
              Runner Prime, Day 11 (3.42 km)
              Stretching Post Run
              WOD: Limitless

              Sunrise over the field
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                Nice picture.




                    Wednesday, 9th June:
                    Runner Prime, Day 12, Level 3

                    Thursday, 10th June:
                    Runner Prime, Day 13 (2.68 km in 25 min - short on time this morning )
                    in the lunchbreak:
                    Xpress Tone, Day 16

                    Friday, 11th June:
                    1 minute HIIT, Day 20, Level 3

                    Monday, 14th June:
                    Runner Prime, Day 14, Level 1
                    DD w/ EC (30 s Knee to Elbow Crunches)

                    Tuesday, 15th June:
                    Runner Prime, Day 15 (3.5 km)

                    93 DD done, 80 with EC


                      Happy Birthday.


                        Happy Birthday!


                          Happy Birthday


                            Happy birthday!


                              Belated happy birthday!