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    Knirin Epic work on your baseline badge!

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      Thanks, BlackButler

      Friday, 21st February:
      Zero Hero, Day 5, Level 3

      Phew, that was hard... My abs are going to be sore and my legs are still sore from the last days... Not horribly, but enough that I once again hate my office on the third floor.


        Monday, 24th February:
        Zero Hero, Day 6, Level 3

        That was a nice start into the new week.


          Tuesday, 25th February:
          Zero Hero, Day 7, Level 3

          Just a very short day... but I'm fine with that.

          I had a quick look at 60 days of Cardio... and it could happen that I'm doing that next, instead of 30 days of Cardio Blast. It somehow looks more like a cardio program I could like. But we'll see - there are still 23 day of Zero Hero left!


            Wednesday, 26th February:
            Zero Hero, Day 8, Level 3
            DD w/ EC (2 min Chest Squeeze)

            33 DD done, 28 with EC


              Thursday, 27th February:
              Zero Hero, Day 9, Level 3

              Didn't feel like it this morning (tired and sluggish), but somehow I didn't manage to talk myself out of doing level 3...


                Good stuff, Knirin!


                  Friday, 28th February:
                  Zero Hero, Day 10, Level 3

                  I don't like cardio... but it was a lot more pleasant than anticipated so I did all sets in the end. And then I went outside and got some more cardio while getting snow off of my car... *sighs*


                    Saturday, 29th February:
                    Zero Hero, Day 11, Level 3
                    I needed 5 sets (ranging from 1:30 to 0:40) to do this, but I did those 5 minute wall sits!!

                    Sunday, 1st March:
                    Zero Hero, Day 12, Level 3
                    Yes, I was at home alone and had the time to workout on a weekend...

                    Monday, 2nd March:
                    Zero Hero, Day 13, Level 3

                    Oh, and for February, I did in total 21 days of fitness.


                      Tuesday, 3rd March:
                      Zero Hero, Day 14, Level 3

                      Was feeling quite lazy this morning, so today's "workout" was a good fit...


                        Wednesday, 4th March:
                        Zero Hero, Day 15, Level 1

                        Halfway through! Today was hard... Lacking motivation and planks are not a good combination. Oh well... level 1 is better than doing nothing, right?


                          Planks, along with Burpees, will be outlawed under the new regime (hollow body holds may also be in trouble!).


                            Originally posted by Colin View Post
                            Planks, along with Burpees, will be outlawed under the new regime (hollow body holds may also be in trouble!).
                            Wall sits


                              Sounds reasonable, Colin and K e l l y Especially for those plank rotations... oh and push-ups hopefully, too?

                              Thursday, 5th March:
                              Zero Hero, Day 16, Level 3

                              "That escalated quickly!"


                                All on The List now.