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    Congrats on finishing TYT challenge!


      I hate push-ups too ..and burpees ​​​​​​


        It feels good that I'm not the only one feeling like this about push-ups (and burpees), Colin and sleep_twitch!
        Thanks, Nebulus!

        Thursday, 14th November:
        Calves of Steel, Day 1 (60 calf raises)
        Cardio Blast, Day 4 (100 squats, done in sets of 10)
        Knee Push-Up Challenge, Day 27 (3x 11)
        DD (40 Reverse Angels)

        My legs hate me a little bit after those squats and my shoulders definitely hate me after the push-ups and then those reverse angels, these felt really hard...

        13 DD done, 11 with EC.


          I overslept this morning... that hasn't happened in quite some time. Oh, and I'm sore from those stupid squats and reverse angels yesterday... So, as I'm sore and as I was short on time, not a real workout this morning:

          Friday, 15th November:
          Calves of Steel, Day 2 (2x 20s hold)
          DD w/ EC (60 sec single leg hops)

          The single leg hops sounded sooooo easy... but in the end they were a little harder (but still doable!).

          14 DD done, 12 with EC


            Is it Monday again already? *sighs* Was busy on the weekend doing research for my thesis, so not a lot else happened...

            Saturday, 16th November:
            Calves of Steel, Day 3 (70 calf raises)
            Cardio Blast, Day 5 - Level 2, 1 min rest between sets
            Knee Push-Up Challenge, Day 28 (50s hold)

            Sunday, 17th November:
            Calves of Steel, Day 4 (2x 20s hold)
            Cardio Blast, Day 6 - Level 1, 1 min rest between sets
            Knee Push-Up Challenge, Day 29 (3x 12)

            Monday, 18th November:
            Calves of Steel, Day 5 (80 calf raises)
            Cardio Blast, Day 7 - Level 1, 1 min rest between sets
            Knee Push-Up Challenge, Day 30 (60s hold)
            DD w/ EC (40 Glute Flex)

            Did I mention that I dislike cardio? But it's most of the times not as bad as I expect it to be. Like today's high knees, they weren't all too awful. Not my most favorite exercise, but not horrible either.
            Oh, and I did hold those 60s of push-up hold! Barely, but I did it! Now I need a new challenge, two times push-ups in a row is enough for the moment...

            15 DD done, 13 with EC


              Tuesday, 19th November:
              Calves of Steel, Day 6 (2x 30s hold)
              Cardio Blast, Day 8 - 200 half-jacks
              Arms of Steel (4x 16 shoulder taps)

              Tired... and feeling a bit sore from yesterday... and I'm cold, as always. I don't like winter!


                Winter is bad. When I am king, autumn will end and spring will start.


                  Where can I vote for you as a king, Colin? I love that idea! Today is the first day with sunshine in like forever and it's soooo good! Despite the cold and still some snow from yesterday...

                  I definitely struggle with winter, my job, the thesis and all the "little" things of daily life... Willpower? Yeah, perhaps next year again. So I'm more or less doing nothing and eating all the good things, including lots of gingerbread...
                  But, I've decided today that it's better to do nearly nothing instead of nothing at all, right? So perhaps, I'll still get around to a little bit of fitness every day?

                  Wednesday, 20th November:
                  Calves of Steel, Day 7
                  Arms of Steel, Day 2
                  DD w/EC (30 Single Leg Deadlifts)

                  Thursday, 21st November:
                  Calves of Steel, Day 8
                  Arms of Steel, Day 3

                  Friday, 22nd November:
                  Calves of Steel, Day 9
                  Arms of Steel, Day 4

                  Tuesday, 26th November:
                  Cardio Blast, Day 9 - half of level 1...

                  16 DD done, 14 with EC
                  21 days of fitness in November, with 5800 steps on average every day.

                  I've revived my step counter in the beginning of November. It's just one of those really cheap ones from Aldi or so, which you can carry in your trouser pockets, so I'm not sure how accurate it is... But no matter, I should walk around even more...


                    Monday, 2nd December:
                    Advent Calendar, Day 1 - 2 min squat hold
                    Advent Calendar, Day 2 - 60 sec raised leg plank hold
                    Calves of Steel, Day 10 (2x 40 s hold)

                    Tuesday, 3rd December:
                    Advent Calendar, Day 3 - 60 sec raised leg hold
                    Calves of Steel, Day 11 (110 calf raises in total)


                      Wednesday, 4th December:
                      Fit Christmas, Day 1 - Level 1
                      Advent Calendar, Day 4 - 30 sec superman hold
                      Calves of Steel, Day 12 (2x 40 sec hold)


                        Thursday, 5th December:
                        Fit Christmas, Day 2 - Level 1
                        Advent Calendar, Day 5 - 60 sec bridge hold
                        Calves of Steel, Day 13 (120 calf raises)
                        DD w/ EC (40 Knee In & Twists)

                        17 DD done, 15 with EC


                          Friday, 6th December:
                          Fit Christmas, Day 3
                          Advent Calendar, Day 6 - 5 min raised arm hold
                          Calves of Steel, Day 14 (2x 50 sec hold)

                          Nope, I didn't do that arm hold in one go; it was 2:15 min, 2 min and 45 sec to be precise. And now my arms feel dead...


                            Saturday, 7th December:
                            Fit Christmas, Day 4
                            Advent Calendar, Day 7
                            Calves of Steel, Day 15

                            Sunday, 8th December:
                            Advent Calendar, Day 8
                            Calves of Steel, Day 16

                            Monday, 9th December:
                            Advent Calendar, Day 9
                            Calves of Steel, Day 17

                            Tuesday, 10th December:
                            Advent Calendar, Day 10
                            Calves of Steel, Day 18
                            DD w/ EC (60 Standing Shoulder Taps)

                            Wednesday, 11th December:
                            Advent Calendar, Day 11
                            Calves of Steel, Day 19

                            18 DD done, 16 with EC.


                              I'm still struggling with low energy levels and a bit with my mental health. Called in sick last week Thursday and Friday and finally, I'm starting to feel a bit better. It might help that this week/year/decade has only three workdays left for me, then I'm on holidays. And I'll spend the christmas holidays with family and friends and it will be great. Yes, I still need to get on with that thesis, but at least for a few days, it will not be a priority. And I already have a few days off first thing in the new year which I especially took to get down and write a lot on that thesis!
                              So, one might say that I'm hanging in there. And hey, my exercise list makes me a little bit proud - it's not much, but at least I've been doing something everday last week despite my struggles!

                              Thursday, 12th December:
                              Advent Calendar, Day 12
                              Calves of Steel, Day 20

                              Friday, 13th December:
                              Advent Calendar, Day 13

                              Saturday, 14th December:
                              Advent Calendar, Day 14
                              Calves of Steel, Day 21

                              Sunday, 15th December:
                              Advent Calendar, Day 15
                              Fit Christmas, Day 5 (level 3 )
                              Calves of Steel, Day 22

                              Monday, 16th December:
                              Advent Calendar, Day 16
                              Fit Christmas, Day 6
                              Calves of Steel, Day 23 (so many calf raises in one day...)

                              Tuesday, 17th December:
                              Advent Calendar, Day 17
                              Fit Christmas, Day 7 (level 1)
                              Calves of Steel, Day 24


                                Somehow, no matter how early I start planning, christmas preparations are always stressfull and feel last-minute... Spent yesterday evening baking and decorating some christmas cookies. Now at least that part is finished. I'd love to do more, but I just don't have the time... Nearly all presents are ready, too. Then it will just be Friday spent with friend and mulled wine, Saturday spent with a friend and some cooking and probably on Sunday, the yearly Christmas travels will start. The logistics and planning are definitely the worst part if you're not living close to your families. I'm feeling tired already before everything has started...

                                Wednesday, 18th December:
                                Advent Calendar, Day 18
                                Calves of Steel, Day 25