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    It's good to see you back Knirin FCC was a good place to start with getting back to things


      Thank you, Zastria.

      Allkampf training yesterday was fun, but also intense. We were only 7 people and 4 were black belts, so we had a lot of one-on-one training. Today I'm hurting everywhere... That's definitely the downside of skipping training for so long.
      And I'm a bit sad because I probably won't be able to take part in the next belt examination. Not because I'm not able to do it, but because it takes place on the weekend of my mother's birthday. And as we don't get to see each other that often (200 km...), I don't want to skip it and will probably have to miss the occasion to get my blue belt.

      This morning, I finally managed to get up on time (instead of pressing snooze for 20 minutes or more). Decided to catch up on the 100 Challenge of the month. Did the high knees (EC), the single leg hops (EC), the bridges and the punches (EC) and added the DD. It got me moving and a bit sweaty and made me hurt a bit less, at least for the moment. Small steps, but I'll get back into the swing!


        Ouch, DOMS... I have a feeling that those 100 bridges yesterday didn't help that much...

        As it's "that time of the month", I gave the Shark Week workout a try this morning. Very nice - although it hit right those body parts where I have the most DOMS.

        I'm looking forward to going for a nice walk in the sunshine in the afternoon and perhaps I'll even go to the Allkampf training tonight. Depends on when my boyfriend gets back home and if I need to pick him up somewhere...


          Good to read you back, Knirin!


            Thank you, twinkletoes!

            Well, time to recount all that I did in the last days, now that I am able to access the Hive once more.

            Friday evening, I went to Allkampf training. It was fun and hard and good and very much needed: I talked with my boyfriend on the phone right before going there and his mother is fighting, but cancer is an ass****... So it was good to get my mind off of things for two hours and afterwards I was way too tired and hurt too much to think about it.

            Saturday was "100 day". Started out with Friday's DD, 100 leg raises. Then I played catch up on the June challenge and did 100 Jumping Jacks (with EC), 100 shoulder taps, 100 knee-to-elbows and finally 100 crunches. As a finisher, I also did Staurday's DD, 60 sec arm circles.

            Sunday was catch up day, too - there were only a few things left for me: 100 squat hops, 100 climbers and 100 flutter kicks (EC). And with this, I'm officially up-to-date with the June challenge!
            In the afternoon, we gave our motorcycles a ride, that was fun! And to make up for all the calories lost, the final destination of our small tour (all in all a bit more than 100 km) was a big icecream!

            Well, this morning, at around 5:45 am, I left the house - and went for a small run! I did Day 1, Week 1 of the Darebee 8 weeks to 5k plan, so nothing big. But I liked it as a test whether I would be able to do even that. I'm not a big runner and the last time I went for a run was over a year ago...!! But the 2 minutes run were over before I could get any problems. Ended the morning with a bit of stretching (best getting used to it from the beginning, right?) and today's 100 leg raises and the DD.

            The "run" this morning was fun and I quite like the Darebee plan. So I'll try to continue with it for the summer time - I can only do it if it's already light in the morning as there are no street lamps around here... And I'm horribly bad at doing anything in the evening after work and the commute...
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              Hugs, Cancer is a nasty, multifaceted where-the-sun-doesn't-shine... And good luck for the running! (I will try the walking-to-running program in 3 weeks)


                Good wishes and love to you, Knirin!


                  Best wishes for your boyfriend's mother and you


                    Thank you so much, PetiteSheWolf, Colin and twinkletoes!

                    This morning, I still didn't know what to do...
                    Warm-up, then day 2, week 1 of 8 weeks to 5k: 10 squats, 10 calf raises. Nice and easy...

                    Had a look at the DD and saw the workout of the day, abs defined.
                    Well, I somehow like abs workouts and this one didn't look too difficult so off I went.
                    Done on Level 1 with added sets of the side bridges for the 100 challenge! But hell, those butterfly sit-ups are way harder than they look on paper!

                    Finished all that off with the DD (with EC, but ouch!) - quite happy, as I did more than just something and, in addition, kept to my timeframe.

                    Most annoying thing: I've got a sore/stiff neck since yesterday... probably because my colleague currently keeps all windows open to get some air inside the office (I'm happy about that) and I'm sitting on the unlucky place where all the air flows by from the door and two windows... *sigh*


                      Having a stiff neck really sucks - two weeks ago, my boyfriend woke up in the morning and couldn't turn his head anymore and had a shooting pain in his upper back.. Keeping it warm (e.g. with a cherry pit cushion or a Thermacare plaster from the pharmacy) helps a lot, and also tiger balm (the red type). If the pain is intense, a light painkiller might be helpful, since you need to avoid a relieving posture. Also, these stretching routines are helpful: Stiff Neck Workout and Neck Workout.


                        It was so cold this morning, down in the valley in the forest right next to the mountain river... But that's the reason why we can still enjoy quite a cool house even in the hottest summer days. ;-)

                        The plan told me that today it was 2 minutes run, 2 minutes walk and that 3 times. Now I remembered why I just don't like running here: At the 5 minutes mark, I reach the bottom of the hill and it's steep and just annoying... Yes, I hate hills and mountains if I need to get up there and my lungs don't like them either. So I started wheezing a bit... always reminds me that I wanted to re-watch the old Start Wars movies... ;-)

                        But well, done and dusted, Week 1, Day 3 is in the books and despite all the whining, it wasn't too bad.
                        Finished off at home with some stretching, today's DD (couldn't do it with EC) and today's 100 arm circles.

                        And tonight, it's time for Allkampf once again!

                        sleep_twitch, thank you. I went back to wearing a light scarf to keep the cold air away and the Neck Workout has been in use since Monday, every time I get the feeling that something's tightening up again... Luckily no more pain and headaches since then.


                          Well, well, half a week without any update... sorry!

                          Wednesday evening:
                          Allkampf training! Still not many people there, probably the combination of holidays and nice summer weather - we were all sweating like crazy!

                          Sooo sore... I have to admit I did nothing except for the 10 squats and 10 calf raises for the running plan. But well... we did go for a walk in the afternoon, that counts, too, right?! (It was a public holiday in my part of Germany and I thoroughly enjoyed it while doing nothing... )

                          Another run first thing in the morning. Nothing special, except that it was quite humid, even at 6 o'clock in the morning. And the weather got downhill after my "run", it started raining like mad an hour later. ;-) No Allkampf in the evening, I went to bed early. Hadn't slept very well the night before and was just way too tired.

                          No plan, just my forms to do at least some Allkampf. The next belt examination is in just one months time (and I won't be there and will do it therefore all alone in one of the trainings afterwards...). Weather was "horribly" cold and windy (only 16°C)...

                          Yei, sunshine! Even though I dreaded it I went for my run - the longest one of the plan so far, 5 minutes run and 5 minutes walk, three times. And: I made it! It wasn't even as bad as I expected it to be, even up the hill. And hey, running through a pretty wild forest before nine o'clock in the morning is good! Not many people, instead lots of birds, a squirrel, some mice and even signs of some small snakes! Adventure!
                          And in the afternoon, thanks to the sunshine, we went for a trip on the motorbikes. That were some fun 170 km, even when the muscles in my hips started cramping... (and my left hand is not that big a fan of my motorbike).

                          And another week... Did some DDs, some Allkampf forms and the squats and calf raises. At least it made me move.


                            The next run - 3 minutes run, 2 minutes walk, two times. Nothing big, but quite nice. I especially enjoy that time in the morning, when it's still cool (like I said, river, forest, valley), there are no people up and around and the birds are singing like crazy.
                            Some stretching afterwards.


                              That sounds so good. Maybe I should try it.... if only I liked running


                                Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                                That sounds so good. Maybe I should try it.... if only I liked running
                                There is a nice saying: "Der Appetit kommt beim Essen"