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    Yesterday I did nothing, NOTHING, no workout at all.
    I was on the bio/organic market, selling some veggies. But when I came back home I've started to feel really bad, I had awful head ache, I've took some medication, and I went to sleep.
    Today I feel OK (fortunately).

    -DD 30 Split Squats with EC and yesterday's 100 Uppercuts also with EC.

    -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 20

    -Cardio Crunch workout (lvl III)
    The first two sets were hard like hell, but each next was getting easier (weird).

    I need to figure how to drink more water.
    When weather outside was really hot, I haven't any problems with hydration. Now when is cold I don't feel thirsty, and if I have some work to do outside I can't take my water bottle with me (after few moments water is so cold that I can't drink it)

    Have a really good night/day bees!



      Starting our next program Strength Protocol together tomorrow, Matan and I thought we'd just try merging check-in threads. That's why I listed this one as my personal training thread on my profile and we'll just try it out and see how it works, I think because we're doing the same program workout everyday it could be really interesting and fun (So this will be my new check-in thread for now, not IronBoy's Personal Daily Training Thread anymore)

      I didn't update the last few days so I'll just do that now (I didn't really work out anyway, only the DDs):
      - 20 Side V-Ups (with EC)
      - 100 Uppercuts (with EC)
      - 30 Split Squats (with EC)

      And this is my contribution to this week's playground challenge:

      Originally posted by IronBoy View Post


        Well done on one arm pull-up hold.
        That's impressive.


          Nice day. It wasn't too cold today, I had a little bit work on the farm. Pulling out old plants can be a good workout

          -DD 20 Scapula Shrugs + EC
          -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 21

          -Strength Protocol Day 1: Shoulders, Chest and Triceps
          I should quote Alfred Hitchcock here
          A film should start with an earthquake, and then the stress should continuously increase
          I can say the same about training program.
          Conquered it on level III (10sec rest between sets and 60sec between exercises)
          It wasn't too hard, but I'm still feeling it.

          I've also add 500 reps for Weekly Quest. This time we can't lose.

          I don't know why, but my neck hurts (life can't be too perfect, I guess)

          Good night/day bees!


            First Day

            Well done, Matan!

            Challenge: Day 1 of the Balance Challenge ~ 3 minutes balance hold, I really enjoyed it (after all I'm doing this challenge for fun and to improve my balance)
            DD: 20 Scapula Shrugs ~ Never done them before and they were fun but not too hard
            WQ: Reclaim the Crate ~ 200 climbers, you're completely right, we can't lose again
            Program: First Day of Strength Protocol ~ I also did it on lvl 3 and didn't find it that tough either but doing that kind of workout felt great and I'm really looking forward to the next 29 days
            Challenge: Day 1 of the Jump Rope Challenge ~ I'm planning on upping my rope skipping skills which has to be done (it wasn't that bad but I was exhausted quick and had to restart a few times) but I think I like this cardio challenge much more than my last one

            Have a nice day/night everybody


              Day 2

              Challenge: Second Day of the Balance Challenge ~ 80 side leg raises throughout the day, I know them from 30 Days of Gravity and did them in one go (20/20/20/20)
              DD: 80 scissors with EC
              WQ: +100 in one go
              Program: Day 2 of Strength Protocol (back & biceps) ~ I did it on lvl 3 again and each exercise in one go and finished with 15 pull-ups (I didn't get to my record of 17 because I haven't been doing many pull-ups lately but that will change with the program and maybe I'll add some workouts including pull-ups or just add a few sets of pull-ups) Afterwards I did 20 reverse push-ups because I wanted to do a little more Up for it, Matan?
              Challenge: Day 2 of the Jump Rope Challenge (4 mins throughout the day) ~ I did them at once but with a break every minute, so 4 sets of 1 min

              I really enjoy Strength Protocol and recommend it for everyone wanting to do enjoyable strength training and I really like the non-circuit based workouts. And it does exhaust me but not that much, although I can really feel having done something in my arms.


                IronBoy raising the bar, but I'm sneaking under it.

                -DD 80 Scissors + EC

                -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 22

                -Strength Protocol Day 2: Back and Biceps
                I call this an easy one. Even on level III it didn't push me to the limit.
                Done with 10sec rest between sets and 1min between exercises finished with 40 slow backfists (I don't have access to my pull-up "bar" right now).

                Added another 700 reps for WQ, and I'm really starting to like this exercise.
                I feel it in my abs already.
                ​​​​​Also did some reverse push-ups (10 reps), I don't want to be inferior

                Good night/day bees


                  Guys, in Strength Protocol some days may seem indeed easy, but somehow it works – it does strengthen the body, I am halfway through the program and I can see improvements, both visually and in performance. And no, I have not bulked in a hulkish way (you probably will, male/female differences), but my muscles are more toned and visible (this can also be due to the fact that I have been slowly loosing weight and they are finally becoming uncovered ).


                    Yesterday I decided to weight myself.
                    ​​​​​​That was great improvement of my mood. Ive gained 2kg (4.4lb).
                    My diet changes have started to work. I'm eating a lot more than, let's say 2 months ago.
                    ​​​​​​My diet it still not perfect (especially consumption of fats). But, I guess, I'm on the right track.

                    Done today:

                    -DD 20 Sky Diver Push-ups with EC
                    That was fun. I used some momentum, bouncing the chest of the floor. This 1 second of holding arms up each rep, really helped, my endurance isn't my strong point.

                    -Upperbody+ Challenge Day 23
                    This is getting hard, especially (still) doubled bicep curls.

                    -Strength Protocol Day 3: Legs
                    I tried to go as low as possible during one leg squats.
                    I thought it don't be too hard, but when I get up after last rep, I felt it, my legs were a bit wobbly. I like to feel my muscles after workout.
                    inbetween Right now it's easy, but it's just a beginning.

                    Oh, and add 500 reps for WQ.

                    Tomorrow is Thursday, hated Thursday.

                    Good night/day bees


                      Balance Challenge: Day 3 (4 minutes balance hold) ~ somehow relaxing a little but already doing a little bit at the beginning of every workout turns out to be really good for me, I enjoy it a lot and it works well, I did it in one go with changing legs in the middle
                      Strength Protocol: Day 3 (legs) ~ I did it on lvl 3 again which worked well (although I feel like legs are kind of my weak spot) and I tried to get down as far as possible doing the one leg squats but I felt like it would be better to go down further
                      WQ: I added another 200 climbers (2 sets of 100) and the already done 50 slow climbers from Strength Protocol
                      DD: 20 sky diver push-ups ~ they were harder than I had expected but I managed EC (45/45)
                      Additional Exercises:
                      I felt like doing some additional strength and upper body training so I just looked through the exercises I had saved from the DD library for purposes like this one and just chose a few that are fun for me and target the areas I want to train. I actually wanted to add pull-ups but forgot about that because I was kind of in a hurry but that's alright, I'll just do it the next few days. Creating my own workout felt good because you can just pick the exercises you like or exercises that challenge you in a way you want to be challenged, I really recommend it
                      - 30 Archer Push-Ups
                      - 50 Reverse Angels
                      - 15 Reverse Grip Push-Ups
                      - 1 Minute Overhead Clench/Unclench
                      - 50 Prone Fly Extensions
                      - 200 Backfists
                      Jump Rope Challenge: Day 3 (2 minutes in one go) ~ it's still harder than expected but I feel good doing it and am really loking forward to noticing progress

                      I'm still sticking to my snack routine eating a banana with almonds and sometime curd and/or yoghurt and one of my self-made protein bars afterwards and I really like the combination and feel like it gives me power ​​​​​​​


                        Some people use balance holds to help with meditation. Glad to see you relaxing with it!


                          That's why I hate Thursday's. I'm tired and I don't feel too good.

                          Done today:

                          -DD 50 Front Kicks with EEC

                          -Upperbody+ Challenge Dy 24

                          -Strength Protocol Day 4: Abs
                          It was shortest and also toughest SP workout so far.
                          Definitely felt it, and I guess I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

                          Also (as always) I've added some reps (600) for the WQ

                          Sorry for little comment, but the only thing I want right now is... going to bed.

                          Good night/day bees!


                            I hope everything gets better with the weekend, I-Matanjah!

                            Today I had swimming class (sports) at school before doing my workout which exhhausted me a lot already (and I biked up the mountain on which the swimming pool stands which is quite a lot of work too) but I had some time to rest and then went for my workout session...
                            Balance Challenge: 80 Side Leg Raises in one go ~ they went good and fast and my leg got sore faster but it felt good
                            DD: 50 Front Kicks ~ I continued the balance exercises doing it with EC and EEC (46/46)
                            Strength Protocol: Day 4 (Abs) ~ my Abs were burning after the 5 reps but doing something for my sixpack felt good, I like the alternating focuses doing one exercise after another
                            Workout: I wanted to do some more upper body and strength training so I searched for a workout and stumbled upon Kratos but I was only able to do 2 sets because my arms almost didn't work anymore, that was when I noticed that the swimming lesson gave me more workout-wise than I had thought

                            WQ: I added another 100 climbers in one go and we're almost there, the latest count is 67,000
                            Jump Rope Challenge: Day 4 (3 sets of 1 Minute) ~ I feel how rope skipping gets more and more easy for me which I'm really happy about and it's a good feeling to feel the progress

                            Good night everybody, I'll keep I-Matanjah company now


                              Another awful lazy day. I hate autumn, all those rains, fogs & cold driving me crazy.
                              In afternoon I looked like zombie, looking at one point, and talking to nobody.
                              But workout waked me up a little.

                              So, done today:

                              -DD 2 Minutes Tree​​​​​​ Pose with EC
                              That was nice, good stretch and balance challenge.

                              ​​​​​​​-Upperbody+ Challenge Day 25
                              I've back to normal amount of reps, but I've changed sets to calisthenics way (I should do this earlier), its quite challenging this way.

                              -Strength Protocol Day 5: Shoulders, Chest & Triceps
                              Done on level III. Oh boy, that was tough. During 4 set of Pike Push-ups, I was really afraid to fall and break my neck , but fortunately I've survived. One thing is weird, I felt this workout mostly on my back. Is this because of bad form, or I have really weak back and strong chest?

                              I've added another 500 reps for WQ. I want to do 3500 reps to the end of week (right now I have 2800)

                              Have a really good night/day bees! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


                                So wishing you a better next day didn't help... how about a better next season?

                                DD: 2 Minutes Tree Pose (47/47) ~ I like it too, that's why I'm doing the...
                                Balance Challenge: Day 5 (exactly the same pose for 4 minutes)
                                Strength Protocol: Day 5 (shoulders, back & tricep) ~ I liked doing that many push-ups (and different cariations) and I didn't really have problems with the Pike Push-Ups but for me the tricep dips never feel completely right, I always feel them in the back and shoulder area
                                Jump Rope Challenge: Day 5 (200 skips in one workout) ~ I split it into 4 sets of 50 which wasn't easy for me and I want to see how I do 1000 at the end of the challenge

                                Have a good night (/day) and a great weekend, everybody