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    Nutrition & Daily Supplements

    Hello Darebee'S

    I have daily nutrition /supplements routine that I have been using before discovering Darebee, I still use them everyday, I did look through the site but didn not find a topic that mentions this type of supplements that aid with muscle recovery and reduce prost workout pain. so I thought I'd share them with you guys, maybe someone would benefit from it and maybe I could benefit from your input and comments about it, I'm no expert but these supplements collectively help my post-workout recovery and over all daily performance. Needless to mention consult your Doctor before using or trying any of them! I have no medical condition and take no medications, yet I am in my early 40's and keeping this active lifestyle needs the extra nutrition.

    I drink a protein shake first thing in the morning and with it I take my high potency multivitamins along with 3-4 omega 3 fish oils.

    45 mins before workout I take 6-7 capsules of BCCA's and 6-7 capsules of Glutamine

    ​​​​​​Of course I eat a fruit and a protein shake right after workout.

    I also take collagen tablets to help with joint and musle recovery mainly at night before bedtime with my snack.

    ​​​​​​Other than that I follow the 6 pack meal plan and eat nothing but healthy homemade food.

    I would like to hear what others are doing in this regards, or if anyone has some advice of what I should add or remove?

    So I like to have a Casein Protein shake before bed and Whey protein post workout I also do Creatine just 1 scoop a day and if I only had to use 1 supplement I would stick with the Creatine. I specifically use German Creatine which is almost pharmaceutical grade. As for as pre workouts go I like to mix some instant coffee up (if I am trying to lose fat its plain black if I am bulking i will add grass fed milk and raw honey) I used to work for GNC which is an American supplement company and the products they sell are great but I don't agree with their heavy focus on commission based sales over getting the customer what is best for their needs and the deceptive sales practices they use to achieve them. I am happy to give my thoughts and opinions but I am not a professional and they would be purely my opinions. I would recommend Creatine to everyone. It helps workout longer, it helps recovery as well


      acarpenter89 thank you for your input, I did use creatine before, when I used to workout at the gym, I noticed that it increases my muscle strength to lift more which helps the muscle grow more.

      I'm not taking it currently because I'm doing bodyweight training at home and can't increase weights as freely as at the gym.


        Nitrous but you can change leverage and make the workouts more intense that way