'Homemade' meal plans for a whole month to repeat :)

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    'Homemade' meal plans for a whole month to repeat :)

    Hello my fellow bees

    I am trying to lose weight and tone my body. (Though I am currently in a black hole of a lack of motivation, I'll eventually get out). Anyways, I wanted to help myself with my eating habits, so I created a dinner mealplan for a whole month. Thus I don't always have to think of something new as I start over after week 4. It is totally adjustable. I wanted to ask for your opions and improvements
    Feel free to use it, if you feel like it, too! Oh, and ask me for any recipes Enjoy!!

    Week 1

    Monday _ Salmon with Spinach in Puffpastry with potatoes
    Tuesday _ Feta-Chickpea-Curry with bread/pita
    Wednesday _ Spaghetti Bolognese pimped with veggies
    Thursday _ Pan-roasted Mushrooms with Rice
    Friday _ Chickenbreast with green beans, topped with sesame, and potatoes
    Saturday _ Buckwheat-Pasta (Soba) pan-fried with Shrimps and veggies
    Sunday _ Quesadillas (take whatever meat you crave, pop some veggies and cheese, and make guacamole)

    Week 2

    Monday _ Rice, green peas and fish (I buy the frozen one with different toppings)
    Tuesday _ Creamy Mushroom-Soup with homemade garlic bread
    Wednesday _ Japanese Curry with rice (use any meat you like)
    Thursday _ Spicy pan-fried pasta with dried and fresh tomatoes and spicy meatballs
    Friday _ Leftover Meatballs from yesterday and oven-baked veggies topped with potato slices
    Saturday _ Pan-Fried Gnocchi with veggies
    Sunday _ Feel free to eat something you crave

    Week 3

    Monday _ Japanese Curry with Rice (beef recomended)
    Tuesday _ Ramen with Toppings: Egg, Ham, Green Onions, Seaweedif youhave some, and sesame
    Wednesday _ Pan-fried rice with bellpeppers, fish (the frozen one with toppings) and spinach (or greenpeas)
    Thursday _ Pasta Carbonara pimped with hidden cauliflower
    Friday _ Baked potatoes with yoghurt-dip and veggies
    Saturday _ Vietnamese summer rolls with shrimps, glass noodles and coriander
    Sunday _ Romanian Vegetable soup (Ciorba)

    Week 4

    Monday _ Soy sauce marinated chickenbreast with rice and veggies
    Tuesday _ Salmon with oven-baked balloon potatoes and green peas
    Wednesday _ Chili Sin Carne with Tofu
    Thursday _ Pan-roasted Mushrooms with Buckwheat-Pasta (Soba)
    Friday _ Red lentil soup with bread/pita
    Saturday _ Gnocchi Gorgonzola with spinach
    Sunday _ Katsudon (Japanese Schnitzel) with rice and veggies


    I´m no expert on nutrition, but I see this pretty, pretty good. If you are really doing it, it´s amazing. I would be too lazy to cook this on my own, to be honest, but would be awesome. I don´t really like eating that much pasta, but it shouldn´t be a problem working out everyday.

    Only thing I would change, just as a recommendation, is giving up some rice and adding more legumes. I only see them in W1Tuesday and W4Friday, but that´s totally up to you, if this is working, of course.


      JMed Thank you very much! I usually cook everyday at home because I love cooking. Most of the recipes are quite easy and quick to do, so some days, when I feel lazy, I try to persuade myself that it is no big deal to cook something real quick haha
      It is also super good to save some money, when you know exactly what you need for your week. Like that, you only have to go grocery shopping once a week and don't buy unnecessary things

      Usually, when eating pasta, I cook whole wheat or Buckwheat pasta. I usually try to find some Gnocchi with spinach already kneaded inside, instead the normal ones, too. I will feel better knowing that at least I eat helthier pasta, when doing so haha
      I will, too, see if I can cut one or two days with rice and cook instead something else that fits the other parts ofthe meal. Thanks! When I find some time to do that, I will let a note here, which days I changed.


        JMed Oh I forgot, in W4Wednesday I put some beans in the Chili, too - so i have some legumes in there, too