Any tips on cutting Sucralose (Splenda) flavor?

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    Any tips on cutting Sucralose (Splenda) flavor?

    Hi guys, Shieldmaiden here.

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to cut the sickening sweet taste of Sucralose (Splenda) in your protein shakes.

    When I lived full time in Portugal, I could order flavorless (or so) protein powder, but in Sweden, I can only get flavored one which contains Sucralose (Splenda), which has a distinct taste and leaves a sickening sweet aftertaste that gives me strong headaches and severe nausea for hours.

    It would be nice if the trick could be applied to other types of food, since at least in Portugal, the government basically outlawed any other type of sweetener by heavily taxing products containing anything but Sucralose (Splenda or E955) so the stuff is in absolutely everything that you can drink, from liquid Kvarg yogurt to Sunny Delight, and even in some brands of rice milk, not to mention BCCA-enriched water and energy drinks.

    Any ideas? And thanks in advance.

    I am not a food scientist, but from what I understand, most artificial sweeteners are still sugars, just that an individual molecule is a million times sweeter than a regular sugar molecule. It still breaks down more or less as a sugar would, just there is one millionth the energy in them. That said sugar itself is really small - for instance, I believe glucose is only 24 atoms - so getting a micro ingredient out of something macro is really hard.

    Best suggestion is that if you need the protein to get it from somewhere else. Though I read that some yeasts pack a lot of protein for almost no calories.


      Could you start making your own with maybe a pure whey powder, banana, nuts etc?
      Shakes aren't my thing so I'm sure there are others here with some great combinations.

      Fun fact CaptainCanuck : Splenda/ sucralose is more than 24 atoms (sucrose, glucose). But since it is made by chlorinating sucrose your body bins most of it. So you get sweet with minimal calories.
      That said I'll stick to my 24 atom originals ​​​​​​​


        I would get something different if I could, guys. It's because I can't that I'm asking if anyone found a way of masking that aftertaste.

        I used dry plums, but became violently intolerant after having to eat those daily for six months.

        And whilst in Sweden, not everything has sweetener and the sweeteners used are mostly Stevia, in Portugal there is no choice BUT to eat sweeteners. Even the "Original" version of most products already has sucralose, or there IS no original versionversion, only Sweetener version.

        Supermarket doesn't sells it. Health stores, the same. And whilst you can get drinks and food without sucralose in Sweden, in Portugal, you can't ​​​​.
        And I'm not talking about just sports foods, I'm talking about general soft drinks, yogurt with flavors or fruits, just about everything.

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