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    Modern Hero Meal Plan clarification

    Hello, I have started following the MH Meal Plan and am looking for clarification regarding some of the items on the list.

    Plain yogurt - does this include Greek yogurt? Or is is just any non-flavored yogurt that is high in protein?

    For the unlimited fruit and veg, are we restricted to non-root veg ( as these are higher in carbs) or can you chose any that you like?

    Herbs and spices - As there is no mention of these on the plan, are we allowed to use them? and is there a limit to the amount in each meal or recommendations of which you should or should not eat?

    Thank you in advance for any and all help on this,

    Hi PrimOmnivore
    Any plain yogurt will do, yes, it doesn't have to be Greek yogurt. You just need to stay away from the sugary stuff.

    You are completely unlimited in your choice of fruit and veggies. Even if you eat potatoes for your every meal (extreme case), you just get filled up a lot faster and stay fuller longer. You end up eating less overall afterwards, naturally. We no longer advice anyone to limit their intake of certain foods like potatoes and bananas, they have their own positive effects and should no be restricted. We do recommend that you prioritize the greens, though, half of your plate filled with potatoes is not nutritionally sounds - you just won't get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs that way.

    Herbs and spices - YES, you are unlimited and we highly recommend that you add them to everything in any amounts. The benefits are enormous, you just can't go wrong there (with the exception of potent spices like turmeric - you can have too much of that).

    So, all good news, I guess. I am personally following the diet. The current version rocks!

    I hope this helps and welcome to the Hive!


      Fantastic! Thank you so much neilarey.

      Your response has clearer up all my questions. This meal plan is the best!


        Hate to bump an old thread but i think it's better than starting a new one.

        Can i ask, where it says '1/2 cup of cooked XYZ' does that literally mean cooked. Or do we measure the food before its cooked?

        Also, how do we eat whole grain flower?

        Forgive my thickness here.