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  • Lasso Twists?

    So I was doing the lasso workout for the first time today and was a bit confused on what was meant by "lasso twists". does that just mean swinging the rope above your head like a lasso? If so why would you need two minutes of rest between each set of doing this only ten times? I think I must be doing it wrong. Thanks for the clarification.

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    Hey AmandaH !
    Have you watched this video?


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      Thanks Redline. That is exactly what I needed.


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        I am also a little confused on this, not on the action itself but are you supposed to switch arms to get an even workout, and how do you count a rep. I can only guess based off the video that its just 10 seconds per rep but i wanted to make sure i'm doing things properly


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          Can anyone shed any light on this please? I have just started this workout and I don't know whether 10 lasso twists is time complete circuits with the rope or 10 second. Or is it more complicated?

          Thank you