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Questions on using Dumbbell

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    Questions on using Dumbbell

    I just finished round 1 of the Ironborn program. It has been great. As I was simultaneously biking and was in calorie deficit, I took it slow by doing it alternate days and focusing more on learning the exercise with lower weights. Now I have lost a good amount of weight, I am focusing on doing this daily (may be one rest day a week), and will be on a lower calorie deficit.

    I have a couple of questions using dumbbells.

    1. Lighter weight on my non-dominant hand. I am finding it is a bit hard to do 1 hand bicep curl and triceps or even shoulder presses with the same weight of dumbbells in both hands. Is it ok to lighten the weight in my left hand or should use the lowest weight I can do on both hands?

    2. I got myself a manually adjustable dumbbell where you load 1" weight plates on both sides of the bar. My question is whether I can load two different weights on either end. For example, can I load 5lb on one end and 2.5 lb on other. This helps me to go in smaller increments. From 9 (2.5 x 2 +4) to 11.5 (2.5+5+4) to 14 (5 x2 +4). Rather than jumping from 9 to 14.

    Appreciate the insight.

    Here's my take on this:
    1. I'd use the same weight for both hands and start a set with your weaker hand. Do as much as you can, then switch to your stronger hand and do the same number of reps. At one point, your weaker hand should catch up. Might take a long time, though. Start with a weight you can do the full number of reps with your weaker hand and go up from there. Don't feel bad if you can't reach the stated number of reps. See them more as a target than a fixed value.

    2. Yes. If you can still lift them without bad form, you can do that. I do the same with curls, lateral raises, flys, you name it. You might want to grip the bar closer to the heavier weight,though.

    If you're on a calorie deficit, don't forget your protein, btw.


      Thank you! appreciate your answer. Yes, I ensure I take 1g of protein per pound of my weight.


        You might not want to have that much protein. Have a read of this.

        If you do different weights with each hand, the weaker hand will never catch up to the stronger!


          Thank you for the link. I have been struggling to find the right answer. There are several websites that recommend 1g/lb of weight. I also want to reduce the carbs to under 150g which I am unable to do because I am eggetarian. To get the necessary net calories, I need to eat something! currently my goal is 165g of protein, 170g of carbs and rest from fat. If my calorie budget is 1655 + if I burn 500 calories through exercise (weights + walking), my calorie budget is approximately 2100.

          My break down is 165 g of protein = 660 calories, 170 g of carbs = 680 calories and 85g of fat = 760 calories. Breaks down to 31% protein, 32% carbs and 36% fat. I have difficulty with this, so my carb % is likely slightly higher than this and my fat % is lower.

          Looking for some ideas here. Appreciate the help.