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Final Stretch of Recovery for Hurt Foot?

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    Final Stretch of Recovery for Hurt Foot?

    About 2 weeks ago, I fell while I was playing pickup basketball and hurt the outside of my right foot. I can't remember how exactly I landed, but it was only really there that was impacted. I was limping for a few days, although I continued to exercise, albeit while being cautious with every move that I did to make sure I didn't hurt it further.

    It's mostly recovered since then, and I can walk normally without limping, although there is still some slight lingering pain and awkwardness that I'd say is probably the last remnants of the effect the fall had.

    I'm still going to be cautious until it's completely back to normal, although I am going to try some things I didn't before at my own judgment and see how things go. Until then though, does anyone have any ideas for things that would help with the last little bit of recovery until it's all better?

    Not really sure what happened based off of this description, though it sounds like a mild sprain. The best way to heal anything that involves tendons or ligaments is to stay off of them completely and let them heal. Unfortunately that is not necessarily in line with an active lifestyle, so decisions have to be made based off of what the body can handle from our own experience.

    The is no real best answer, other than to avoid what you know should avoid, and do what you know you should do and maybe not try for any personal bests for a little bit.