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Minimal static stretching routine (what you really need)

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    Minimal static stretching routine (what you really need)

    The next three paragraphs are (boring) personal information and context. Please skip if you are here just for the question. Thank you.

    So for the start a short intro. I'm your standard fitness enjoyer somewhere undefined on the scale between couch potato and exercise freak – depending on a mixture of the time of the year and my mood. Since some time I have the hubris to write my own fitness programs, but I let myself inspire by DareBee and the hive, because this is the place which restarted my fitness path after an devastating ACL injury and getting to an unhealthy weight after moving out from my parents for university.

    Nowadays my main focus in using the fitness treasures from DareBee is on workout finishers, tendon strength, and static stretching. At the moment I'm satisfied with my warm up and my main workout. I'm doing a quick warm up of 5-10 minutes on the eliptical, followed by a 10 minute dynamic mobility program. Afterwards I'm doing a full body machine/free weight/bodyweight program which I tailored to my own needs and I'm satisfied so far. But I have the feeling, that adding some tendon strength and/or static stretching could add this little extra to my regime.

    The “main problem” is, that my workouts are about an hour to an hour and a half (with warm up) depending on the day of my training cycle and this feels like the perfect time. I nearly always finish with some exercises for the “shotgun muscles” (forearms, calces, neck – Coauch Wade©) which brings down the pulse. So it already feels like an natural “end”. But I know there are some benefits to static stretching and the most resent science is sure to put it at the end of your workout or do it as an separate session. So I want to add an minimalistic static stretching session somewhere in my daily schedule – might it be after my workout or before going to bed.

    So for those who skipped the last paragraphs or didn't understand my rambling in those: I'm looking for a minimalistic static stretching routine. At the moment it is like an unwanted stepchild for me, so it has to bring its A-game. It has to be minimalistic and come with maximum benefits. If you had to suggest me your favourite static stretching exercises, which would it be and why?

    This year I started with a 3-exercises-good-nigtht-plan, in which I would do three static stretching exercises before going to bed (i.e. forward bend, (band assisted) clasp knife, and full lotus pose), which helped with flexibility and could be helpful for general fitness. Coming from a judo and football/soccer goalkeeper background, flexibility always played a background in my life. But with focus on weightlifting and basketball it lost its importance. It no plays the second fiddle (this idiom is really working in German and English?) in my fitness journey.

    So my question is: if you had to design a minimal static stretching “workout” from somewhere between three to ten (or more?) exercises, which can be added to a nice workout or as an “good night kiss”? What are your “must do” or “should do” exercises and why do you like them.

    I know there are about a hundred exercises which all have their benefits and we all should do. There are careful plans behind extended plans (already available here on DareBee), but we talk here of someone who thinks has the feeling, that static stretching is just a bonus and every second has to deserve its time slot in my daily schedule.

    Thank you very much.

    Top 3 (or 4) of mine:
    Hamstrings (touch your toes) The best part about touch your toes is the amount of healthy hip joint flexion (bending without rounding your lower back) it trains you. You can keep aiming for planting more and more of your palms on the floor after you get the fingers touching.
    Side bends, torso twists although I usually do them dynamic, you can make them static. Honestly not my daily routine but whenever I start doing them again daily I would see benefits after a while.
    Chest, like this and you turn your torso to the other side.

    Calves (straight knees)
    Glutes, specifically something like the last stretch in this workout. Just feels so good.
    Cat/cow pose, not exactly static but you can make it so by holding one pose for few seconds before switching to the other. Some of the Darebee yoga workouts have that.

    None of these are my forever daily routine because laziness kicks in, but this list is a mix of tailoring toward my own needs, like the calves and the chest one, and all time best. But the chest one can easily be a great stretch for so many people, such as those with a desk job.

    I am interested in others' answers, too.