Evening/night workouts - should I eat before sleeping?

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    Evening/night workouts - should I eat before sleeping?

    Hi bees!
    I often find myself working out in the evening or even pretty late at night (it's almost midnight here now and I just finished my workout). Obviously at that point I've already eaten plenty during the day, but should I still eat a snack or drink a protein shake or a glass of milk before going to sleep? Or will whatever protein I've eaten during the day be enough to help my muscles repair any damage/grow?

    For context my goal isn't to lose weight, but rather to gain more muscles/get stronger. I'm guessing for weight loss it'd be a good idea not to eat anything after exercising in the evening but if I want my muscles to grow I need to give them some fuel right? What kind of snack would be the best for that?

    One of the simplest and perhaps even better alternatives are milk protein powders (whey) you can take both before and after, you can easily dose them both in quantity and as liquids in which you dissolve them.
    I have been using them for some time after my main workout, dissolved in water and the effect I feel a lot like recovery, on muscle growth I am not doing a specific workout so I will see results over the long distance