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    Cool. You can ask the chemist(?) for help, too. Tell him what you have in mind and what he would suggest. Ask for cheap alternatives to things you think are too pricey.
    You can look for a survival or hiking community online and ask there, too. Those folks probably have a lot of knowledge to share. I only messed around with the whole business because I travelled on foot to save money and improvised more than anything. I've learnt a lot since then, but it was a fun experience. If you feel ready to take risks, it's a good way to learn, but potentially very dangerous.


      The chemist is where the prescriptions go after the doctor gives it, the doctors here don't give you the meds the (I'm not sure what the official job title is) give it to you but chemist just refers to a place for medical and hygiene supplies.

      lofivelcro I'll ask them and I'll look for more groups on Facebook, I follow 2 survivalist pages and an outdoorsman page on Instagram already but tbh I'm a "learn it by doing it" person so even though I'm reading the survival handbook I won't 100% be confident that I know what I'm doing till I do it.


        I'm sure there are some old and established forums around, too. Maybe I'll have a look, myself, if I find something, I'll let you know.
        Thanks for clarifying the chemist thing, sometimes I have a few hiccups when it comes to English.
        And don't fret, being outdoors often enough is 'just winging it'. Or maybe it's like that for me. It's always a good idea to come as prepared as possible. I think Lofty said it relatively in the beginning of his book: A big part of surviving is being confident. If you at least feel like you know what you're doing, that's already better than having no bloody clue.