Stuck at the same weight for 3 weeks while doing HIIT and dieting

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    Stuck at the same weight for 3 weeks while doing HIIT and dieting


    Background : I've started dieting in May 2020 at 108 Kg
    Currently I'm at 90 Kg

    Recently I started working out doing a mixture of 30 days of Hiit and also Insanity program.

    I'm eating regularly around 1500 kcal

    Theoretically I should be dropping weight. The problem is I'm stuck at the exact same weight for 3 weeks now.

    Any ideas what might be the cause of this ?

    Your body will go through plateaus in weight loss as it progresses. It is normal, just be patient and stick with it


      Not losing weight doesn't mean your body isn't changing. I thought I had stopped progressing because the scale wasn't moving and then my belt ran out of holes.


        I've been through the same. Like the others have said you just hit plateaus.

        Another thing is depending on your frequency of weigh ins you may see statistical anomalies. I've noticed my weight can fluctuate by 2 lbs on a daily basis even when I weigh myself in at the exact same time. This could have to do with indigestion, water intake or a hole slew of other things. So if I weigh myself in on Sunday for three weeks I could see no progress even if there is progress (I could weigh in on a day where I've hydrated more and now my weight doesn't change) or worse I could seemingly gain 2 lbs even when working out and dieting (maybe some indigestion). You can get a more accurate picture if you weigh in daily and take a weekly average but honestly that sounds terrible to me (may work for you though). If you know you are doing the right things (accurately tracking calories and running a deficit) you will eventually start losing weight again so try not to worry.