3sets without rest or 5 sets with rest days

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    3sets without rest or 5 sets with rest days

    I want try all darby workouts everyday 3sets without rest for body recovery..and sometimes the strength tone workouts and martial 5 sets cuz I want to gain weight and not lose it now I'm in the day 23 in blade runner ..
    Which is better, is it 3 sets daily without rest or 5 sets with a rest days for the body recovery?...
    -the second question is I must to skip burn streamline workouts ? If I want to gain weight ...cuz I see hiit exercises and high burn are same .... And the one punchman workout i like it but its in high burn streamline workouts
    sorry for my bad english

    If your goal is to gain strength, you could follow a program with a strength focus - the programs are designed to be done every day and have active rest days built in.

    Alternatively, you could follow a training plan with a strength focus, and choose workouts to fill in the days.

    You also might find this guide on how to build muscle helpful.

    Good luck!