7 weeks post op knee replacement

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    7 weeks post op knee replacement

    I had a knee replacement done 7 weeks ago. I'm still in physical therapy. I've been solely focused on my right knee and not working anything else out. I've not been to the gym in ages. I plan on going back in another month or so. What are some easy workouts I can do for upper body and lower body? I am trying to get my range of motion back in the knee and I'm doing some strength type exercises for my knee as well.

    It was released just today


      Welcome to Darebee.

      You can use filter to chose from the workouts. For instance this link shows lower body workouts on light difficulty. https://darebee.com/filter#sort=posi...er-body&page=1

      Still you may need some modification according to your condition such as doing steps jacks instead of jumping. Here are more ideas https://darebee.com/modifications.html

      Another option is trying 30 day programs. Here they are https://darebee.com/program-filter#s...value=1&page=1

      Recently, a program called arms of steel has been released and it has a chair edition. You might find it useful if you want to let you knee rest but to make your arms work.

      Speedy recovery!