Counting reps (yep another post !)

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    Counting reps (yep another post !)

    Hey !

    I know it's a frequently asked question, and until now I thought I had found my right answer but today's training made my doubt.

    How do we count reps on workouts when there are 2 sides involved ?

    Until now if one exercise was for exemple "plank arm raises" and I see the drawing showing a picture for each side then I count 1 when doing both left and right. If I see a single picture then I count 1 per side (I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say).

    But today during The Heist workout, the plank exercices got me to my limits faster than I thought and I couldn't finish in Level II (I did level I + 1 set). Following my way of thinking, for each set I would do 10 plank arm raises right side + 10 left side, and then same for the last 2 exercices, should I have done 10 overall ?

    Same kind of question for the Daily Dare : sometimes it's clearly written "per leg" or "per side", but other days like today, nothing. So if we take a aily dare like today, is it 2 minutes for each leg or 1 minute each leg ?

    Do you guys just adjust this with your fitness level or follow some "rules" for that ?

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Hello cactus
    if there is not mentioned "each side" or similar, it means repetitions in total. The pictures are not relevant.



      HellYeah okay ! It changes a lot of things then . Thank you for your answer


        I invite you to read the manual