anything for students with disabilities (mod-severe)

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    anything for students with disabilities (mod-severe)

    I'm an Adpated PE Specialist. My students thrive using visuals. Love you site
    but can't seem to find workout focused on this population. For instance a
    theraband or velcro weight visual workout would be amazing.

    Welcome to the Hive Mabadia .
    Darebee is mostly dedicated to calisthenics. But over time some workouts using equipment sneaked in. If you go to the workout section and use the filter (that's the grey 'LOAD FILTER' button on top) on 'Equipment' => 'other', you'll find a couple of workouts with various items like gym balls, medicine ball, cup of coffee, thera-band and there is even one with a cat. You can get easy workouts using the same filter in the 'Difficulty' section.
    Velcro weights like wrist or ankle weights do not necessarily have their own workouts, mostly they are used to make a specific exercise harder e.g. flutter-kicks or arm-rotations. So you can take a rather easy workout and spice it up with wrist and ankle weights.
    Visuals in the sense of people moving and showing the exercise you find in the Video Exercise Library. Other than that, you have to rely on the exquisite art-work of the workout-poster itself.