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Commandos: "Extend elbows into hight plank?"

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    Commandos: "Extend elbows into hight plank?"

    The Daily Dare of Commandos says to "Start in a forearm plank position then extend elbows into high plank."

    From the description, that sounds like one smooth move, like a tricep extension.

    I found If I leaned really far forward over my hands, I could extend and get up that way, but not perfectly smoothly (one arm needs to start slightly before the other, because I need to shift my weight to one side slightly).

    Since I was unsure if this was right, and there were no videos in the library for "commandos," I looked on YouTube, and there were dozens of videos there, but every single one showed people simply switching hands one at a time. Much easier than a tricep extension. ...but then I did a search in the forums and saw people talking about commandos as tricep extensions.

    So... which is it? And if you *are* supposed to just extend upward into high plank, can I see a video of someone doing that?


    Edit: I was finally able to get a fairly smooth "tricep extension" version, if I thought of it as pushing backward against the ground, instead of leaning forward over it like a planche. Still wasn't perfectly smooth, though, and meant I had to raise my hips slightly and use a tiny bit of momentum.

    I keep my elbows slightly forward than in elbow plank, so it is easier and in any case yes it is a tricep extension


      Yeah, I was trying to do them kind of like forearm dips on parallel bars, where you lean forward and then hinge them upwards. I found that very hard to do without shifting my balance off to one side.

      Once I realized that I had it backward, and that I could lean further back and push myself backward against the ground, it became more doable.

      It was just confusing because literally every YouTube video for "commando planks" involved someone just stepping their hands up one at a time.


        I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of synchronicity, it is only more evident here than most exercises because of the difficulty of the movement. Most symmetric exercises will never be 100% synchronized - situps, pullups, etc. - they just give that sensation because their movement is more fluid.