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Constant neck pain?

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    Constant neck pain?

    Hello! So I've had neck pain for as long as I can remember-maybe a few years. There are times when it's noticeable and times when it seems to be gone, but for the past year it's been pretty much constant. (For reference, according to this image, the pain is somewhere in the left trapezius muscle.) It's only on one side, and is especially pronounced after I carry groceries home in my backpack. It also makes exercises like arm raises difficult.
    I can't go to a doctor for the foreseeable future, but is there anything I can do at home for the pain? Any way I can modify exercises like arm raises that make the pain worse? Thanks for reading!

    I don't have a solution to this I just want to say that I also experience acute pain in the left trap. For me, it's pretty much gone/unnoticeable until I do something that puts a strain on my traps (canoeing, backpacking with a heavy pack, arm raises) then it reappears as painful as the last time I feel it (it's been over a year since I first felt it). If anyone else has a solution @ me too!


      vinventure Do you have a sedentary life-style/job? Bad/cheap/maladjusted office chairs can do a lot of damage over time. Here are some ergonomic tips.
      Kit Laughlin is my go-to guy when it comes to stretching. Here are some neck-stretches. He also wrote a book on the topic, I cannot comment on this, though.
      Hope this helps a bit.


        Bender B. Rodriguez

        Hi fellow sufferers *group hug*

        I'm not a healthcare professional but this is what helped me when I had pain and limited mobility in the same muscle (left trapezius) and hopefully it might help you get some relief from your pain.

        Hot water bottle or heat pack on the muscle, and if you have another person in the house who can give gentle massage and put deep heat/ibuprofen gel on it, or safely visit a physio, that helped me ease the worst of the pain.

        When I went to see a physio a couple of years ago I was told that it was muscle weakness from sitting at a computer and constantly looking down at my phone.

        I was given exercises like these ones (link to youtube) to do at least daily, and multiple times a day if possible. I was also told to continue doing the neck exercises that I'd been doing previously - all Darebee neck routines.

        I found at the worst point when it was almost continuously in pain that doing the Baseline programme and Yoga with Adriene's Yoga for Back Pain at the same time allowed me to regain full movement of my left arm without pain in just a couple of weeks.

        Also, any time it is feeling 'tight' as though it's about to start giving me pain again, I do this quick rountine Upperbody Tendon Strength (there is an advanced version but my upperbody strength isn't there yet!)

        And I try to incorporate Yoga for Text Neck into my regular yoga routine to minimise flare ups!


          ​​​​​​Thanks for the responses! (For some reason I'm not able to tag multiple people.) I have a fairly sedentary lifestyle in that my work involves staring at my computer or reading, but since I started working from home I've been trying to mitigate that by walking around the room a lot.

          I really appreciate the links-I'll start by incorporating a couple of them into my daily routine and then see where to go from there. I really can't thank you all enough!


            I think you have some good advice already, the only thing I would add is go on you-tube and look up bob and brad neck pain. They are two physical therapists who post lots of videos about pain relief and rehab and I have found them very helpful. Again I am not in any way related to a medical professional, but I do tend to beat myself failry regularly and tend to look this stuff up. Hot/cold packs, tylenol, stretches, and bourbon are my go to's.