Can't do reverse crunches?

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    Can't do reverse crunches?


    I currently can't do reverse crunches. I think. I can't do it like in the video exercise library without rocking my legs so I can get it up the ceiling. My legs feel so heavy. I also struggle in Lying Side Leg Raises. and any Lying Leg Raises exercise.

    Also if it helps in determining the problem. I can't bring my toes together because my knees bump with each other.

    Is there something wrong with my body? Am I doing it wrong? should I focus on something else first? or is there any workout that will gradually make me do reverse crunches?

    In the video description it mentions that most of the work is done as you lower the legs. There will be a bit of momentum required to get up.
    nothing wrong with your body, keep training, everything changes.


      Please consider that reverse crunches are not an easy exercise.
      It engages a lot the core and the legs work as a load.

      If one performs them in a dynamic way (using a momentum), the quantity of strenght required is "limited" respect a controlled and slow execution.

      Anyway, I think that you need only time and training to execute them in a correct way.