Modifications and rest days Advice Needed

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    Modifications and rest days Advice Needed

    Hello All!

    I have completed two routines so far from darebee and I love it so far.

    couple of things I am unclear of- with the 90 days of action and the iron born programs, there were no rest days and I am just getting back into shape. Admittedly, I did take one to three days off between certain workouts due to stress and soreness. Should I feel guilty about this?

    I would like to start the gauntlet program and I’ve noticed that it’s suitable for beginners but day 30 calls for three sets of Turkish getups of 14 reps each?!?!? I can maybe do one correctly on each side. Can this be modified or can I lower the reps to what’s comfortable for me? Or should I just not do the routine until I can complete all of the prescribed reps?

    any advice regarding rest days and changing reps to fit my abilities is much appreciated.

    thank you for reading.

    The programs do not include days of absolute rest because there are days of active rest, in practice days of lighter training that allow you to recover without stopping completely.
    If you need a day of absolute rest, that's okay, it's important to learn to listen to your body and do as is right for you
    Adapting a program to your abilities and needs in my opinion is fine and makes sense, I do it if needed and I feel good and nobody will tell you that you can't or that you do wrong.
    This is just my opinion and my experience


      Thank you so much! Any other input from other members is also much appreciated.


        I think that Fremen's post answers your questions. Anyway, just to complement it, a couple of comments.

        Don't worry if a "30 days program" takes you 32 or 34 if you need a longer break, or additional rest days. You can do an easy and ligh workout, for example, a quiet walk, a few minutes of stretching with yoga, etc.

        About the Turkish get-ups, there are progresions to learn and improve them, and there're not problem to do the workout with an easier and friendly modification if it's necesary. Surfing the web, I've found quickly as much the progresions as the modifications. Just have a look.


          Thank you all!


            I did Gauntlet.

            I cannot do Turkish Getups atm, esp not w the weight of the kettlebell I have on hand. (I could do them in highschool...20+ years ago...with a 12lb shotput...after coach made us try w no weight then a shoe ballanced on flat hand then lighter shots to be sure we wouldn't drop it on our heads.)

            The red bell days are "challenge" days. You get as close to doing them as you can, imho. I did negatives only (a regression I found by googling) with just a 5lb dumbell.