Can you do Cardio Trim after The Foundation?

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    Can you do Cardio Trim after The Foundation?


    I just finished The Foundation and on day 25 of 60 Days of Cardio.

    around 170lb and 5'6 in height.

    Is it alright to Do the Cardio Trim already? and Can it be done simultaneously with 60 days of Cardio?

    Or do you have any other suggestions that I can do with 60 Days of Cardio, Im new to working out and The Foundation is my first one. So Im thinking maybe I can't do the Cardio Trim.

    Or maybe should I finish 60 days of Cardio first, before taking on Cardio Trim?

    If it helps, I did the 60 days of Cardio with The Foundation Level 1.

    Suggestions will be a great help! Thanks!

    You definitely shouldn't be doing two cardio programs at once. It's a bad idea that would impede your recovery.

    But once you're done with 60 Days of Cardio I think you'll definitely be ready for Cardio Trim, I think.


      Welcome to Darebee!

      Each program has a level classification so if you want to know what your current condition is, there a fitness test at the bottom of the home page (cool & useful column).

      The thing about working out, imo, is that it's experimental. You could try whatever fits best for you.

      If you're already doing a cardio routine, why not add some muscle-building workouts. Keep in mind that resting is just as important as exercising.



        Ohhhh. so it's bad to do 2 cardios. I didn't know that.

        Do you have any programs you can suggest that I can do with 60 days of Cardio?


          Foundation is Difficulty 2, so why not do one of the other non-cardio Difficulty 2 programs? 10 minutes a day, zero hero, 30 days of yoga, Back & Core or Totals.


            It depends on your level of fitness. Some people can easily handle two cardio programs at one time. If you're interested, experiment and try it to see what happens. If you're really tired or feel fatigued, stop one or the other.

            When in doubt, challenge yourself.


              You wrote that you are new to working out. I think in this case it would be perfectly fine to do one program at a time. If it is too easy for you, pick a harder program or higher level. Don't rush, don't try to do everything at once. Try one program, check how it work for you, try another and maybe after two or three months decide to do more than one program at a time. Keep in mind that resting is as important in working our as doing exercises. If you pick two programs that do not have rest (or active rest) days on the same days, you may end up without these rests at all.
              Also, most of the programs are based on progress. You may feel OK to start two programs, but in time you may fail to finish them because they will grow harder.
              If your main goal is to loose weight, I would continue with 60 days of cardio. If you want to tone up a little bit and loose weight, switch to Cardio Trim.
              Bottom line is: don't rush, you don't have to finish all the programs in half a year.