Workout Recommendations for someone who hasn't worked out in a long time

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    Workout Recommendations for someone who hasn't worked out in a long time

    The title tells enough but I'll add a few more details.
    25 M, haven't worked out for almost 3.5 years. Have gained weight and would like to both shed weight and gain muscle.
    The resources online have a lot of data and that's confusing so I'm posting here since I used this forum for workouts befor

    - Lose Fat
    - Gain Muscle
    - Shredded Physique

    I randomly do a few pushups (5-10) and pull ups (5-7) and that's about it.

    I remember using the Assassin's Workout plan of atheletic work for 1 day, cardio/hiit for 2 days kinda thing but I can't seem to find anything that I can actually do without falling on the ground gasping for air so I'd like to know what I can start with to get to something like the image below.


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    How To Get Back Into Training
    In the fitness section there are several interesting articles that may be useful to you
    Personally I would choose a 30 day program that inspires me and I would start from there, the most important thing is to start training consistently again, then you can focus on the results but it's just my opinion
    How to pick a program


      Hi aliezsid
      If you want to look like the guy in pict you have to get your body-fat percentage into single digits. But you also have to build muscle, so it's a dance of bulk and cut.
      I'd suggest you try one of the strength focused progs like Spartian Trials of 30 Days of Gravity to start. If that is to hard, go for 30 Days of Cardio Blast or any of the other Difficulty 2 like Foundation. What's important is that you find a daily routine you can maintain.

      The tl;dr:
      Read the manual.
      Do the fitness test.
      Pick a program.
      Stick to it.
      Change your diet.
      Show some love to the beekeepers.
      Good luck and all the best,


        The guy in the picture has a body fat percentage of well below 12% with a New BMI of at least 21, I'm guessing more towards 22 - 24.

        Muscle building is slower than fat loss, so I'd recommend aiming for a BMI of 21 for now, while simultaneously building muscle. At your stage you can easily do both at once. Then later once you've built up enough muscle for a six pack at BMI 21 you can always just gain a bit more to make more room for muscle.

        And if you're very low in stamina you might want to consider upping your iron intake, because even a mild deficiency can seriously decrease your endurance. Whether you do this via lentils, liver or supplements is entirely up to you, good iron supplements are really cheap.