Level up or next plan?

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  • Noen
    It depends on what motivates you.

    Are you most motivated by having "Program completed" icons in your profile? In that case you should do Foundation after Foundation Light, because then you get two icons.

    If you want to be done with Foundation Light, having the feeling of having completely conquered the program, being on top of your Foundation Light game, then do Foundation Light on Level II and then Level III (or maybe even Level III right away).

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  • Andi64
    Welcome to the Hive Lenalandmine and Congratulations!
    Just start with Foundation Light on level I and see where it takes you. You might be bored with LI after a couple of days and level up anyway. It's hard for a newbie to determine the progs just by the pictures. You might end up with LIII and go on with Foundation regular. Just get started, find a way to make time for that ~30 min a day and stick to it.
    Don't overthink things.
    Good luck and all the best.

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  • Lenalandmine
    started a topic Level up or next plan?

    Level up or next plan?

    Hey guys! Been a lurker here for a bit and love the hive but finally have a question for you guys.

    I’m prone to going too hard and having an injury, and I’m pregnant, so I decided to try and baby step it as much as I could by starting with Foundation Light on level 1.

    My question is when I’m done with this month, what do you think would be the best course of action.. restart Foundation Light at level 2, then level 3, or move up to Foundation (regular) and start there are level 1?

    It’s a silly thing for me to have such internal debate over but for some reason (probably pregnancy brain and constant food cravings clouding my mind), I cant seem to decide.