Excercise regime. Would it be too much?

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    Excercise regime. Would it be too much?

    Hello Hive!

    I am highly motivated after seeing my blood work return with no issues (pretty big deal since last year I had an insuline resistance issue and had to take pills and change my diet)
    I have been working out these last 3 months through a Zoom Muay Thai Academy (ask me about it if you want, is for Spanish speakers tho!!)
    Now I have days were I think on what workout will I have the next day (a first, honestly) and although I am sore from working out I still want to do it the next day.

    My question is, is it healthy to have this HIIT (Muay Thai) during the week and using weekends to get a bit of extra cardio? (30 to 40 min)

    Thank you!

    It really comes down to what you are comfortable. It is definitely possible to be that physical consistently, our ancestors did it consistently. That said we can also use modern medicine to know how to manage our workload, and as long as you dont push yourself to injury then it should be ok. I would advise someone who is just starting out from doing it, but as you have some experience then I would proceed with caution.


      If you were talking about weight lifting, no, you should have rest days planned, but since you are talking about HIIT and cardio, yeah, totally.

      If your goal is being active, developing resistance and doing just cardio and HIIT, you can do it as much as your body can endure it. Personally, when I was losing weight last year, I used to go to the gym 2 hours from Monday to Saturday, and apart from that, walking 1 to 3 hours every day, besides Saturdays, which I would walk something between 4 and 7 hours.

      The key point will always be the diet. The food (and water, ofc) you take is the thing that will let you (or won't) do all the exercise you want.

      Also, If you need to rest, do it. Overloading yourself for the simple purpose or doing more and more will get you to a point where an injury can easily happen.


        You can train anything as much as your body can handle. You need to know your body. You can lift 7 days a week or do cardio 7 days a week. Its the intensity you have to vary. If you got hard on HIIT during the week, I wouldn't go hard at the weekends. Light circuit of bw exercises, some yoga or some easy running all good.
        I think there should be a balance. You need the softer side of things to aid your recovery so you can get back on it on Monday.