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    Inner thighs

    Hello everyone, I need some help here. I would like a challenge for inner thighs gap, a 30 days challenge or something. I've searched on the site and found nothing, only some workouts, but I would like something for 30 days helping to see some results and not getting bulky legs. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you all

    I think the problem is that there is some debate as to the healthiness of the inner thigh gap, that it is more about appearance than it is about fitness. I wouldn't typically worry about bulk regardless, as you are unlikely to be able to put on a lot of bulk on your legs unless you are specifically looking for that. As a point of reference, I have a fairly diverse workout program, and do a lot of lower body, and what I have is tone more so than bulk. The inner thigh gap comes down more to weight loss, but not even sure that it is something which is necessarily considered healthy.

    That said, leg raises, in all of their variations are good for toning the thighs. You could try to build your own routine, just filter lower body workouts into the filter and look for leg raises.


      Great answer CaptainCanuck ,

      I might also add that the whole tights gap has a big genetic component to it, depending on your hips anatomy you might never be able to achieve it unless you are severely underweight.


        can I also throw in hip mobility to the equation. If you got none you are all squished up and tight, thighs rub and knees knock.

        Could someone tell me what is the fascination with inner thigh gthigs? This is something I've never heard of.


          The space between your legs depends on your physiology (orientation of your feet, how your legs attach at the hip etc).
          Legs of Steel and Wall Sit would get your thighs working.

          Lol Rathgar , some people want a thigh gap and others want cut abs or biceps you can crack walnuts with.


            Io6 I feared it was something like that.


              Heda I interpret your 'inner thighs' comment as a reference to the adductor muscles and the gracilis and, surprisingly, there are few exercises listed on Darebee focusing on strengthening them. Side lunges and single leg deadlifts provide some benefit but to target them specifically I'd recommend incorporating concentric, eccentric and isometric activities.

              Again side lunges provide a good starting point as they do not require equipment. Adductor leg raises and planks provide another equipment free exercise. See the Ageless Strength Website for a suitable overview on how to perform these exercises.

              To increase the difficulty of these exercises (or, in my opinion to make the exercise more accessible), you can elevate your active leg onto a chair or other platform and perform the motion. See Fitnessvolt's illustration on how to properly perform this:

              If you own exercise bands, you can incorporate banded adductor squeezes. I prefer to perform these exercises from a standing position so my supporting (non-banded leg) works as a stabilizer which strengthens the legs bilaterally. These work the adductors concentrically and eccentrically and, if performed with banded lateral leg raises, provide balanced foundational hip strengthening. Here's a description on how to perform this exercise:

              While each of the above exercises work the adductors eccentrically and concentrically, I recommend an isometric (hold) exercise as well and I think adding in the Isometric Adductor Squeeze balances out a program for adductor strengthening. This website provides a description on performing the Isometric Adductor Squeeze:

              I think these exercises, if rotated through, might provide a strong "30 Day Challenge" base for strengthening your adductors or inner thighs.
              Perform on a three day cycle and incorporate abductor (outer thigh) exercises in the rotation to achieve balance:

              Day 1: 20 (10ea leg) side squats.
              Day 2: 20 (10ea leg) banded adductor squeezes + 20 (10ea leg) banded lateral leg raises
              Day 3: 5 x 5 sec isometric adductor squeezes
              REPEAT 10 times throughout the month.