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    Avatar Upgrade rules questions

    I just finished Fighter's Codex and I'm eyeing up the Avatar Upgrade as my next challengre (especially since I'm re-watching Last Airbender!)
    I'm a little confused on some of the rules:

    ​​​-How does body armour, multiple Skills, or no Skills translate to the Avatar profile sheet...? Would it be the points amount listed for EACH skill...? So, I get 200 points towards Body Armour AND 200 points towards Flexibility?

    -Where is Survivor Mode explained?

    --Where there's no number listed for the reps, only an amount of sets, is that to failure...?

    Sorry if I've missed something obvious here, sometimes I don't do well at reading comprehension!

    Good questions, I am interested too!


      Hey, just passing by to tell you what I did.

      When you see Body Armor and a Skill, let's say a day with "Body Armor: Upper Body" and "Skill: Endurance", you just add points to both of those bars.

      For the "Survivor Mode", I beleve that is just a different way to say that you have to add the progress to the "Combat" bar, or at least that's how I did it.

      When no rep number is specified, is likely that is a time based sheet. You can probably see "30 seconds each" or something like that above the different exercises. If not, just tell us the day so we can help you further on that.


        I haven’t done this, and it will be a while before I’m able to, so I can’t speak from personal experience.

        I looked through all the cards, and on the days where it doesn’t say how many of each exercise, it does say underneath the point system how long to hold or perform an exercise. I believe only one card wanted you to perform until failure.

        On the points, the way I took it, if it only has one skill or body armor, you only have to add however many bars you earned to your avatar upgrade for that specific one. If there’s more than one, it looks like you’d put the same amount of bars you earned on the skills or body armor that’s listed. But if it says 2x on one of them, then you’d double the points/bars for that specific one.

        So, if you were on Card 9 and you completed all 7 sets, you would add 1 bar to body armor, but 3 for endurance. When it says survival mode, however, I have no idea what to do there.


          Starling Bean , HuskyDog

          It's always written how many reps of which workout

          For example: CARD NO 2 = LEVEL 1 = 3 SETS =
          add 50 points to ARMOUR, and 100 points to ENDURANCE.

          The ,,bars,, are more for fun, to take you to the real ,,Game,,.

          The most important is to do the exercise

          ​​​​​​​I hope it helps.


            JMed LizardFriend95 and Miss_Dada Thank you so much for all your comments on the program and the helpful advices; to me it's much clearer now!


              Yesss thank you all, I will give it a go and see how I do!
              I'm not sure if I'm beign too ambitious with this... I might end up ducking out a little way in, but I think I can push myself for it