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    Long Workouts??

    Hello Guys,

    long time user of Darebee, but first Time poster.

    I really love doing programms, but I found that most Programms are way to short in Workout Lenght.
    I do the Workout at level 3, but I am done within 15 - 35 Minutes.

    Does anyone has some really good "long workouts", so I would create my own "programm"

    Currently Training for a sub 3 Marathon, so my volume is pretty high right now. (I can handle lots of exercise)

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Angelo96cf , welcome! What if you do two (or maybe 3) workouts back to back? Sometimes I do two workouts consecutively or add a workout after a running-session. I guess, if I got it right in the news, that you guys in germany are still allowed to go outside. Or as a quick fix: do every exercise of the Pits Workout for 15 minutes. Or in general lenghten every exercise in a time-based-workout to your gusto. Just a few thouhgts how I would handle it - have fun and stay safe! :-)


      Hi Angelo96cf. I had the same problem when I started with Darebee. Here is what I do. I have one main program (Carbon and dust for now) and I do an add-on program after (now doing 60days of cardio) then I add the monthly challenge and the Daily Dare at the end if I still have some time I add Workout of the Day.
      With a short warm up and cool down I usually get my 50-60 minutes of exercise!

      hope this helped


        Angelo96cf, hello there. I would quote “Train like Super Saiyan” poster from the cool stuff section: “Go double reps – pick your favourite workout routine and double the reps per set. Go super sayian – Pick three workouts and do them back-to-back. It should last you at least 10 episodes”.

        I guess, it's the shortest and the most useful explanation of the solution to your problem


          I've found that it works well to do mulitple workouts daily. Currently, I'm doing:

          Cardio Go! [roughly 35 minutes a day]
          Core Strength [10 minutes a day]
          Yoga [20+ minutes a day]
          Krav Maga/Kick Boxing focused training online video classes [1 hour a day] [I could probably replace this with workout of the day and it'd probably round out to two full hours a day instead of around 2 and a half]

          I'm splitting a lot of these up and I'm not counting walking my dog (doesn't feel like exercise, though I guess it does technically work), but my point is that a lot of work outs are likely to be a bit pieced together based on not just your interests, but also what you want to focus on. Given you mentioned training for a marathon, having portions of your workout focus on core/ab work, stretching (or even specifically yoga), or maybe even something like cycling or swimming (if you are able to considering equipment and/or your local situation regarding the current pandemic).

          I've also found that doing workouts in portions can help me develop a bit of a routine, so it's become something like this between other activities I need to deal with (like cleaning, learning guitar, writing, reading, etc):

          Wake up, do morning workout, eat/drink coffee, walk dog, etc.

          Then, before lunch, do yoga.

          Then, before dinner, do one of the krav maga/kickboxing videos.

          Hell, if I wanted to go whole hog, I could tack on even more yoga and do some when I wake up or when I go to bed or both.

          Basically, get a little creative and adventurous in what you do as long as you stay safe and mindful of yourself and your situation.


            Good luck with the sub 3 hrs Marathon, that's a great goal.
            You have options:
            run multiple programs (currently doing full circuit and baseline)
            Add an add on (I have core strength for that)
            Reduced rest
            Increase sets ( double down)
            Have a finished workout.
            +good stuff like monthly challenges, themed weeks, challenges in groups within the Hive and more...

            So many options, its wonderful to have such variety.

            1 quite like something along the lines of cardio Hiit and another lower level program. Alternating each set for each workout for 7 sets. Minimal/no rest. Basically you get the "easy" workout as your "rest".

            one last one: track down my 3000 workout suggestion in the Hive. That will take more than 30 mins.

            all the best.