Challenging but joint-protecting? for a friend with EDS

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    Challenging but joint-protecting? for a friend with EDS

    A friend of mine has EDS and found circus and pole arts to be the best possible thing for her pain -- she's very strong, but her joints are really weird. I suggested that she check out Darebee for workouts, but she said things here are all too easy OR they'd kill her joints. I suggested she post here on the hive to ask for a recommendation, but I don't know if she will. It may help if I can point her towards a few workouts that may be useful?

    Any thoughts? I'm assuming lots of upper body work is good, but minimal bending of the knees. (I know she loves peloton, but she's lost her access to the bike she was using, so maybe supported-knee-things are ok? I think she mentioned having had bad surgery on her feet as a child that messed everything up a little more)

    So she'd like things that are a level 4 or 5 challenge upper-body and core, but that ignore lower body maybe? Anyone else here with hypermobility EDS (–Danlos_syndromes )? Thanks!

    Is it possible that seeing as she has a like of circus, pole and peloton, that her problem might be equally that she gets bored easily when exercising? Calisthenics and body weight aren't necessarily for everyone.