Biceps and Triceps which one will be toned first?

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    Originally posted by Cabriel View Post
    ...and I would add "Tricep Dips" (also called "bench dips")

    0:35 to 2:00 is about the bench dip.
    Just sayin': be careful and do it the right way...

    I did not knew that, but it explains why my shoulders do not like this exercise...


      HellYeah kandy Sorry, i thought the workout is for male only based on the illustration

      Ah sooo, I could do different workouts alternatively hmmmmm... I'll do it!

      ​​​​​​​Thanks, Cabriel I'll watch HellYeah's vid first.

      I'll take advantage of this community quaratine. Its really hard to stay at home without doing anything We will see. I will post an updated pic after a month!

      Thank you, Experts! I'll share some to this very generous workout site. ​​​​​​​



        Here is a version on ground, it might be a bit safer, but don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad exercise in itself, but you have to be careful.


          If you are really obsessed about it, you will also need to work on your diet. That will make change faster. I get some tone from doing Darebee but my body fat doesn't seem to reduce much because I never change my diet.


            HellYeah kandy thank you soooooo much experts!

            Im taking advantage of this lockdown. I think I have a good diet now. Since not all here in the Philippine are receiving food packs from the govt and I can still go to the market at the ground floor of this building, I chose nutritious (fruits and veggies).

            I love using my new juicer. This is far better than what the govt here is distributing (instant noodles and canned goods).

            Im so excited to make my own workout plan. Thank yoooooou!!!



              I will post my updated pic after a month!


                Ensee No problem. It's so nice that you have a market just at the ground of your building!
                I am not an expert, just personal experience + some internet surfing.


                  Originally posted by kandy View Post
                  Ensee No problem. It's so nice that you have a market just at the ground of your building!
                  I am not an expert, just personal experience + some internet surfing.
                  Oh yeeaaaaahh! Because if theyre not going to open the market, we're gonna die! Because we taxpayers are not included in relief goods. Hahahahaah! I just need to fall in line for 2 to 3 hours and buy everything as much as I can and luckily there are still people dont like veggies and fruits. They buy canned goods instead.

                  I also searched on the net but no one can explain if Im doing it right. Here at Darebee, people are very generous and knowledgeable. Worth a penny for every donation made.



                    kandy HellYeah Cabriel your opinions/suggestions means a lot to me. Thank you.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      I forgot to ask.
                      If everyday must have cardio. Then doing arm workout every other day 3 times a week, where will I put the lower body and abs workout? Is it during the day that I'm not doing arm workout?

                      Monday - arms + cardio
                      Tuesday - abs / lower body + cardio
                      Wednesday - arms + cardio
                      Thursday - abs / lower body + cardio
                      Friday - arms + cardio
                      Sat and Sun - Rest day


                        Hi we haven't talked about lowerbody yet because this thread doesn't touch on the topic. You can talk a look at this page to pick a weekly plan you like:

                        I also recommend that you look at Darebee programs. Because you want to work on pretty much your whole body, and we are not training experts, I think it's nicer to let a program take care of the planning. Since you want to do cardio as well I suggest general fitness programs. If you have your own cardio activity, I will agian suggest the new program Express Tone. It's an add-on program which means it can be added on top of anything else you do, or you can check out Ironborn, the signature dumbbell program of Darebee. Both of them have upperbody and abs and leg days.

                        There are surely many other ways of combining things, but you need to check things out yourself. Good luck!

                        And thanks for donating to Darebee. I have never done that so you kinda doing it for me. No I am just kidding. I will definitely donate in the future.


                          Im sorry. I just asked due to the excitement while creating my workout plan. Never thought that I could not ask other question and should be focus to the topic only.

                          Sorry. And thanks for the suggestions.


                            Hey Ensee, in my opinion this is your thread and you can ask whatever you like, especially when it's dealing with your workout and your goals. I think what kandy meant is that this thread until now didn't scratch the question regarding lower body workouts. That doesn't mean that this thread can't be used for this, too.
                            At least I think that's what was meant


                              I understand Nihopaloa thank you.

                              I also got an idea on what is kandy talking about. Thanks for the link. I havent browsed the whole site yet due to the limited internet connection we have during this quarantine. Definitely, ill take note of that. Thank yooou!! 🥰


                                kandy i have checked the express tone and ironborn. Its an everyday program. Hmmm... i thought we need at least 1 day rest before we lift weights again?

                                But then I also checked the training programs.