Enough Exercise During Quarantine

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    Enough Exercise During Quarantine


    I have just started working from home this week due to Covid19 and I am not leaving home in (at least) 15 days and I really don't know how much exercise I should be doing.

    Usually I don't do anything. I just walk a bit to go from my car to the office (~10 min) and back to the car and ocassionally go upstairs or downstairs. However I am more or less fit (1,7m/5,6ft - 65kg). I can do around 10 pullups or 35 push ups in one go.

    I started doing the Ironborn programm, because I have a couple of 5kg dumbbells at home, but I am afraid that it will not be enough. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Hi, Kraken Whisperer Welcome to the Hive! If you haven't generally done much exercise, it's a good idea not to overload yourself suddenly, especially as you also have to cope with working from home - and you might want to read this if you haven't already.

    That said, there are lots of workouts and challenges that you can filter for different levels or target zones. If you want to move a bit more, you could try a challenge like Dash, just sprint on the spot. Alternatively, if you have a treadmill, there are other running programmes that will just get you moving, such as this one. Do the Daily Dare. As you can already do a few push-ups, try this challenge or one of the other push-up challenges. There is so much here - find something that lights your candle and go for it! Have fun!


      Maybe you could do some cardio exercises after the weights, I do this


        Usually I don't do anything.
        do you means that you do not do workout at home?

        Otherwise your result

        I can do around 10 pullups or 35 push ups in one go
        are exceptional.

        Hovewer, I think that do Ironborn with such a dumbells could be easy for your level. In my opinion, strenght protocol whould be better for your, doing also the add on (but you should have a bar)


          Hello and welcome Kraken Whisperer

          If you can ""can do around 10 pullups or 35 push ups in one go"", maybe the exercises with 5kg dumbbells can be a bit easy to you. Alternatives? Try calisthenics, maybe some programs like "30 Days of Strength", "30 Days of Gravity" or "Spartan Trials" would be a good option. Of course, in this fantastic place there are some more to choice, feel free to have a look.

          Finally, if the only option is working out with dumbbells, you can do "Ironborn" (or the new "Express Tone") with homemade heavier weights (bottles of water, a bunch of tied books, ...imagination) or do the exercises slowly, in slow motion. Both sugestions aren't the best to get the maximun, but... moving is better that get boring.

          A lot of interesting articles to read during our "home confinement"

          Ops... already answered. I write slower than your, guys!


            Wow, thank you very much for your responses! It's really great to have some feedback and I appreciate the time you put into answering.

            TopNotch , I found out that article after asking the question and it looks interesting. I will through it this evening. And thanks for your suggestions. They are good ideas to just do a small breaks during worktime.

            Fremen , yes, I was thinking about it. I might alternate morning/afternoons with weights/cardio.

            thepresident , I do mean that I usually don't do anything. I never went to a gym. I used to run a bit. Run a 10k in 2011 to put a check in there. Last couple of years I just run for the bus. Ocasionally in winter mornings I do 15-20 pushups or some abs to warm up. By ocasionally I mean once or twice a week. Just the really cold winter mornings. I wouldn't count that as exercise. Also ocasionally I do a darebee workout; in this case I mean ~10 a year. Again, I don't consider that exercise. If you add up everything, I am not passive, but I am really far away of having any kind of routine.
            And that is my concern. I can probably do one day of "Strength Protocol" (without bar, I don't have one). I don't know if that would be too much to do daily.

            Cabriel thank you for your insight. I will check those programs too and the alternative weights!