Fitness after Neck Surgery

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    Fitness after Neck Surgery

    I just recently joined The Hive, but started using the Darebee site a year ago. Followed the Fighter and then the Assassin training plans pretty religiously until about May/June, when the pain from my neck got so bad I couldn't focus on anything (I have severe arthritis in my neck and deteriorating discs and all that goes with that). I had ACDF surgery on my neck in August (C5/6 and C6/7) and it was a game changer - I didn't realize just how much pain I'd been in until it was gone. Just, gone.

    At the start of 2020 I rededicated myself to getting back on the fitness wagon, and just today finished Athena's Playbook. Woohoo! It seemed like a good place to start without either overdoing it or putting too much stress on my neck, which I'm terrified of screwing up. Which is ridiculous because my bones are strong and there's a freaking titanium plate in my neck, but that fear is still there. And oh yeah, I'm nearing the half-century mark so I'm trying to remember I'm no longer a spring chicken.

    I was thinking of doing either another program or going back to one of the training plans I did a year ago. I had really good luck last year with those (lost almost 20#, unfortunately gained half of it back after going back to work in October). Any/all advice appreciated. I'm hopeful I've gotten myself back into the habit of getting out of bed to workout, but would love to hear any suggestions you all might have, especially for someone frightened of hurting herself.

    Many thanks in advance. Much appreciated!!

    KeachyMama ... sorry I'm so late with my "Welcome to The Hive, the social side of DareBee".
    Oh, and congrats on Athena's Playbook - that was a 'fun' one, yeah?
    So ... now you are a 'summer chicken'? And working on it? Salma Hayek and Julie-Louise Dreyfus are right there with you.

    If you are concerned about damaging your neck and rediscovering the pain you finally got shut of, Go with a less-energetic Program or a series of Workouts.
    And ... remember that weight gain/loss is much more dependent on what you eat than on how much work you do. Yes, the work helps shape the weight you have but the amount of said weight tends to ignore that.
    Perhaps you could benefit from some of the "office workouts" offered here. Take a half-dozen short 'breaks' during work to condition muscles and stave off cravings.

    Again, apologies for the delay. And for not daring to address the Neck Surgery issue.