I don't know what to do, constant injuries please help

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    I don't know what to do, constant injuries please help

    I want to lose fat, and get healthy but seems like every workout I do I get injured, i will have shin splints or knee pain or shoulder pain or muscle spams or something and I dont know if I should just decide being injured is part of my life and work through them or what. Cant afford a doctor. I even get injured walking. I do warm ups and i do cool downs i even will do a month focusing on nothing but technique and injury prevention and recovery workouts (but those dont seem taxing enough to produce results) I am confused as to what to do. Should I just stay on foundation light and keep adding more sets every month and slowly add in light weights to the movements. Maybe I am doing to much too soon or am too old but I want to be healthy and fit with nice body that doesnt hurt and isnt fat and most importantly great cardio fitness. I am very frustrated. Is there any advice I am trying to get an appointment at a free clinic to see a doctor.

    1- diet, not exercise, is 80+% of weight loss
    2 - more jarring types of cardio (running, jumping) can be extra hard/likely to cause injury when heavy bc it is more weight comming down on joints
    3 - this does not mean you should not work out!

    Don't confuse discomfort with injury, also, doms is not an injury even tho it does hurt...and some ppl are more prone to doms than others. (And some muscles more then others, for example I have tremendously bitchy triceps lol.)

    if you are doing foundation light on lv 3, try foundation next. The new program (baseline) looks like it might be a nice thing to try as well. Maybe between foundation light and foundation. 30 days of cardio blast is a nice easier cardio program if that is your focus - and you could do a light version by doing things like step jacks instead of jumping jacks if you really cannot handle jarring yourself around. (Maybe go through it this way 1st then back through w higher impact.) If you want to do strength work, iron born is nice bc you can easily scale it up or down by changing weights used.

    Or one of the 2 abs focused programs (back and core is the easier of the 2) and some easy cardio on your own - be it walks, jogs, swimming, eliptical machine (similar to running but less impact), rowing machine, etc.


      As 'rin says above, weight loss starts in the kitchen. Both dietary change and an increase in fitness don't have to be drastic changes (or shouldn't be.) I suppose even calisthenics/bodyweight exercises are not for everyone, but maybe to start, find something that you are ok with physically and which you can commit to. Even if this is just to make a minimum step count every day then you are making progress.

      Just keep in mind why they are called Foundation (or Foundation light.) Just like the foundation in a building, you want something strong to build on. Say you and your neighbour are building a new house at the same time, it takes him three days to build his foundation, but after three weeks yours is still not done. Do you want to start to build your house even though the foundation is not stable? Fitness is everyone's personal journey, don't worry how long it takes to get it right. You have to live with the results after all.


        I know what you mean. I was a little frustrated because I can only do Level 1 and 2 workouts without hurting myself. Luckily there are two new programs!

        You can also use modifications:

        Have you tried to use challenges as add-ons?

        These are quite safe, not much risk of hurting yourself, but still effective:
        https://darebee.com/challenges/10k-h...challenge.html (do it with half step jacks!)


          In addition to what was posted above by far more experience people than me... I hope you can get a good check up at the clinic. Particular illnesses might get you injured more quickly - for example, a friend of mine has Ehlers Danlos syndrome, which means her body tissue is weaker than most people, so she has to be more aware of how she moves and sits, and her body gets easily dislocated and painful.

          Just start with what you can handle, what feels good, and see where your limits are and how they evolve. Also, my personal experience is that I wasn't really connected to my body, and I really had to learn to recognize physical signals like pain (still learning ), so it was kind of hard for me to figure out what my body was 'telling' me. Maybe this doesn't apply to you at all, but if it does, maybe you find it helpful. Good luck!


            Hey there @scarpenter69 ...seconding the advice above and just to say that I've waded back into fitness with the Foundation LIght program which was PERFECT for me. And now onto Foundation and other bits and pieces. The programs here are highly structured which I appreciate and you can tailor them to your level. The modifications page that Kaleo linked too was incredibly helpful in getting me started because it allowed me to get going with exercises that were easier for me to do at my current level of fitness and with the couple of injuries I am carrying. In addition to the mods on that page, I have replaced lunges with weight transfer squats which are better for a knee injury I'm carrying.

            IN addition to the programs, I found the accompanying meal plan useful too. Modern Hero is excellent because it gives you a protocol to follow rather than endless calories to count.

            I know how frustrating it is to get started and get moving. Starting slowly with these Darebee programs has me feeling like a superstar, and I'm a LOOOOONG way from my ultimate fitness goals. Good luck on your journey!