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  • Which Ab Workout to Choose?

    Hey guys, I just scrolled through the abs workout section and found about 30 different programs to choose from.

    Basically I'm looking for something that will develop a 6 pack and is doable in about 5 minutes before I go to work in the morning. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Take a look at the Total Abs program, it focuses on abdominal training and at lv 1 it's fast and varied so you don't get bored doing the same things all the time


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      Thanks Fremen!


        MultiTasking Ninja I haven't done Total Abs, but it looks like it would be pretty good. I am not so much interested in a six pack, but it seems like you would need to do a variety of exercises, not just stick to one or two workouts.


          I got some nice results from Easy Abs workout 2-3 times a week (~15 minutes if I recall correctly):

          I've also been thinking about trying Total Abs. Easy abs gets the crunches and leg lifts in though so I think it's pretty balanced. Total abs will have planks and stuff which are also great.

          Right now I do crunches and cross crunches on an incline ab bench with weight which is similar to the way easy abs starts out.