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    Ironborn + Epic Five ?

    Hi all,

    I'm "new" to The Hive (although I think I posted some years ago with an account linked to an email I no longer own), but I know Darebee for a couple of years now. Because of "reasons" (excuses?), I spent a couple of years without actively working out, and I started doing it again a little bit more than a couple of months ago. I started with some easy workouts (from Darebee, as well), and when I felt ready I started the Ironborn program (with 7.5 kg dumbbells) together with the "Good morning, World!" challenge (i.e. 60 secs of jumping jacks as soon as I wake up, everyday), which I finished last week without a day of break (In the last 2 and 1/2 months, I had just one day without workout, since I had to travel for work and I couldn't find time for it). Some days, as I felt I had some extra energy, I'd add an easy cardio workout as a second daily routine. Anyhow, on the push-ups days, I couldn't complete the last series (and I would just have to do it to failure). Because of this, I started the program over (with 7.5 kg dumbbells again), but I'm also doing the Epic Five program together with it. I'm just taking Epic Five as the "last exercise", meaning that after finishing the Ironborn day, I rest for 2 minutes and do the Epic Five right after (if I need to, I make it easier, like doing knee push ups by the end of the 5 minutes, when I can no longer do the normal ones).
    I wanted to know if you think it is too much, or if I'm doing right on trying it. Of course, if in one moment I feel it's too much, I'm gonna drop the Epic Five program and just attach to Ironborn, since I don't wanna get injured.
    Cheers, and thanks in advance for your opinions!!!!

    AbisTheDog I think that's a really good combo. I've completed "Ironborn" though not with an add-on, but if were to add something it'd be "Epic Five". Also, I'd imagine that you be fine doing both programs on the same day with a longer break in between them,if doing them so close together is too much. Hope is goes well.