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    About the challenges

    Hello everyone. I want to ask a quesiton about challenges.

    Is there a possibility to add difficulty levels to challenges like how programs and workouts have?

    I am trying to move step by step, level by level at my journey but I can't be sure sometimes to select which challenges appropriate for my level?

    Have a nice day you all.

    Well, Depends what you want madao802, what do you want to achieve?


      madao802 hi and welcome If u wanna start and you are in the beginning of your journey I'd reccomend to pick up a Foundation Light or Foundation program ,rather then challenges. With program you can start to train your whole body and later u will see where u feel comfortable and choose a challenge which u like Workout should bring joy and not to push yourself above your limit. Power will come with time,just be patient


        Hi IWillGoSuperSaiyan I want to finish all the exercises at this site that exist.

        Hi Miss_Dada thanks for welcome I already finished Foundations, and about the finish Cardio Blast. My goal is finish all the exercises, programs, workouts, challenges but step by step level by level. So like you said I started from level 1 program Foundations Light and jumped to Foundation and finished them both in 15 days.

        I've been using this site for 6 years but just anonimly. I recently decided to join up the hive. I started a journey on Checking In section. You can find more detailed information at there.

        For now my focus is only programs and challenges because they provide more focused goals than single workouts and they let me to keep tabs on my progress and provide dicipline. So I'm about the finish my third program but finished only 1 challanges till now. And I know there more 30 day challenges than there are programs. So I am thinking making my 'own' program from those challenges by combining those challenges to a single program. For now I am thinking to choose most appropriate and easisest 3 challenge to my current level bu I can't be sure of their difficulties. So that is the reason I am asking this question.

        Thanks for reply. Have a nice day both of you.


          If you complete programs, you can earn a badge. go to your profile settings, and you'll find it.


            madao802 hi again,6years,that's a lot! Pick up the badges as IWillGoSuperSaiyan said!!
            In that case the answer is no, challenges do not have levels .
            This is why they are challenges it just wants to make u stronger in something or learn something new.
            i think to mix them would not make sence to me , because f.e.this month is ,,Arms Of Steel ,, challenge and it's focused on stronger arms,it really works well for me,to train arms every day in that way, i feel the difference already However you are free to choose and what and how to do So have fun and wish u best results!!


              Miss_Dada IWillGoSuperSaiyan I looked at my profile but couldn't see anything realted to them. Can you show an example from your profiles?


                madao802 hi again do u mean how to add the ,,badge,, to your profile?
                Go to ,,The Hive,, then click on your nick name and
                ,,Edit my profile,, then scroll down where u will see
                ,,PROGRAMS COMPLETED,, ------- There u can tick the box of the program u have completed .
                Then again scroll down and ,,SAFE,,.
                Badges should be seen then under your nick name


                  madao802, miss dada is right. although you don't scroll down and safe, it's actually save, but I'm sure that's just a grammatical error.


                    IWillGoSuperSaiyan Miss_Dada Ha! I found it. Thank you guys, both of you. I updated my progress.


                      madao802 good job u made it IWillGoSuperSaiyan yes Mr Teacher, it was a spelling mistake Save / Safe​​​​​​​


                        BTW. After thinking a little bit I told myself I shouldn't wait everything from people. I need to take a little bit responsibility for myself and not just taking from community but give somethings to it too so I sat down and examined all the challenges one by one and decided their difficulty level in my mind considering difficulty levels of workouts and programs till I've done till now for this 6 years and made this list:


                        Level 1

                        Page 5: None
                        Page 4: 30 Day Walkabout; Upper Body
                        Page 3: 15 Days of Fitness; Office Friendly Posture
                        Page 2: Power Walk; 1 min Yoga
                        Page 1: Daily Gratitude; Power Grip; Knee Push-ups; First Thing Water; Get to Bed on time; Fiber 30; 1 minute meditation

                        Level 2

                        Page 5: homerun; 10.000 Half Jacks
                        Page 4: None
                        Page 3: 30 Days of Fitness; 30-day Office Challenge
                        Page 2: Touch Your Toes; Ninja (on normal); Calves of Steel; Kicks and Punches
                        Page 1: Good Morning, World!; Yoga Abs; Core Control; Triceps Dips

                        Level 3

                        Page 5: Core; Squats; Cardio
                        Page 4: Upper Body+; Cardio and Abs; Cardio Blast; Assassin's; Kick Master; 10.000 Punches; 1000 push-ups, Flexibility
                        Page 3: 10.000 Jumping Jacks; Squats and Punches; Balance; 20.000 High Knees; Make Over; Target 10; No Sugar 15; micro HIIT
                        Page 2: Ninja (on hard); Hollow Hold; 50 Squats a Day; Cardio HIIT; 100 (without Extra Credit); 50 Push-ups a Day;
                        Page 1: Glutes of Steel; Punch Out!; Chair Rows; Flex Hang; Iron Will; Negative Pull-ups

                        Level 4

                        Page 5: Pull-up; Five-minute Plank; Burpees; Plank; ab; 3000 squats - 1000 push ups
                        Page 4: Jump Rope; 10.000 Squats; ab - Level II, Super Saiyan; Splits; Batcave; 2000 Push-ups
                        Page 3: Abs and Core; 50 Burpees a Day; Endurance; 2-minute multiplank; Push-up Ladder; Meditation
                        Page 2: Everest; Ninja (on brutal); Only Home Made (specially if you work 10 hours a day , Wall-sit, Gladiator; Chest and Arms; Action Hero; Push-up Master (on easy); Spartan; 50 Burpees in One Go, 50 Push-ups a Day (with Extra Credit)
                        Page 1: Arms of Steel; at home Marathon; 2-minute abs, Dead Hang

                        Level 5

                        Page 5: Pull-up lv 2; 50 push-ups
                        Page 4: Impact; 10.000 crunches; ab (advanced)
                        Page 3: 100 Burpees a Day; Iron Glutes; Boxer
                        Page 2: Power Pull; Push-up master (on hard and advanced); 100 (with Extra Credit)
                        Page 1: None

                        Of course I am not sure of their accuracy %100 but I think It can give a rough idea for all community when picking up a new challenge. Enjoy!