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    Azercord good call. First as a primer, just in case you haven't seen it, we covered the gut Microbiome a while back. Now, for your more specific question. A Harvard Gazette article that's directly drawn from a study shows the difference between plant and meat-based diets and the need for diversity, at the very least. Even more interesting one of the authors of that same study cited in the Harvard Gazette, cite how cooking as an activity changes the chemistry of food and how that changed chemistry then changes our gut microbiome. Other studies that show the effects of diet on gut flora (which is what the gut microbiome is) can be found here and here. What is of direct interest to us, because of all this, is the pathway through which the microbiome affects health, wellbeing and even mental efficiency.One of those pathways is the chemical signalling between colonies of bacteria which produces specific neurochemicals which then affect cellular signalling in the body and brain. All this is new and incredibly hard to study because of the ethics involved in experimenting on live humans. So everything is coming in piecemeal as pathological studies and newly devised protocols allow.

    On your comment about your own diet, you're also 100% on-point. It is really difficult to go from a predominantly meat-eating diet to a plant-based diet because your body does not yet have sufficiently large colonies of the microbiota it needs to process plant cellular matter. Everything has to be a step-by-step process and along the way you need to listen to how you feel and reach your own balance. I hope all this helps.


      Damer It does, thank you for the thorough answer as always. Time fore some reading



        last week had a pain in the shoulder blade area a day after yoga and took a break from the gym. The last week or so had been eating vegan more than usual and some I.F. Today in the gym my strength was way down, normally doing dumbbell curls I start with 40lb for 9 reps then 45lb for 9 reps then 5 reps with the 50lb, yikes today I was hurting do 3 reps with the 35lb DB. Other exercises I wasn't up to scratch.

        Nowadays I eat sensible, what I call normal healthy.


          So much useful information, thank you for your comments. Actually, I want to switch to a healthy diet and become a vegan, so I'm interested in this topic. Only I have one question for you, I use cbd oil and cream as a natural remedy for different health issues. Also, I use a vape and don't want to give it up (cause it gives me comfort and relaxation), especially since I recently found cbd cartridges for vape and a cbd vape pen with awesome can find them on, so I want to know, can this interfere with my plan to switch to a healthy lifestyle, do you think?