Modern Hero Vego Mealplan for gaining mass?

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    Modern Hero Vego Mealplan for gaining mass?

    Hey people,

    I have been minimizing my meat consumption for like three month now and try to eat vegan meals as often as "possible". Now I've started working out again and I want to gain some mass. At the moment I am at 80kg and i want to reach 85-87kg (193 cm tall). In the past I tryed the Mass Effect mealplan and working out in the gym. I gained around 2-3 kg in 1-2 month back then.

    The Vego mealplan "is designed for weight loss and weight maintenance"

    So now my question: . How can I adjust the mealplan for wheigt gain? How would you do it?

    My Ideas:
    - Just eat more?
    - Add protein-drinks (the expensive vegan stuff?)
    - Cheat and eat meat or dairy products once a while?

    If you have got some tips that would be awesome

    Add 1 more meal and a snack


      I'd just add a fourth meal and a snack.

      You could also add on a cup of juice/soy milk/a smoothie at meals too as the meal plan notes.